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  1. I wouldn't fully rule out Lib Dems in the next General Election, they won 4 of the 6 council wards here in 2019 so I reckon if the Tory vote splits to Brexit Party they have a good chance of finishing second and an outside chance of winning the constituency, it is debatable whether Angela Smith would actually help them though.
  2. But includes Barnsley and Doncaster, so the organisers want a South Yorkshire stage (or two) but Sheffield council aren't prepared to put up with the disruption in the city centre or pay the expense of having them here. Well I'm sure I'll find my way to Doncaster or Barnsley during the Tour de Yorkshire shame our council are such stick in the muds.
  3. Realistically it would be difficult for Sheffield to take a minor part in these events as these events are all centred around Harrogate the required route length would be too long for anything but the main race on the final day to feature Sheffield but with Leeds clearly wanting to feature in the final day the organisers would face a significant challenge to trying to shoehorn both cities in. I'm sure cycling fans in Sheffield would love us to host the whole shebang but given they effectively take over the city for more than a week Sheffield could only really take part if somewhere like Chesterfield or Doncaster was nominated as the base. There were rumour abound in the spring that Yorkshire was trying get involved in doing stages for the Vuelta and the Tour of Yorkshire doesn't clash with the Snooker this year, it's not like this is the last chance for Sheffield to host international cycling, I do hope the council relax a little and let them into the city centre if the organisers wan to.
  4. The site is going to be developed by an entirely different group https://www.gulliversvalley.co.uk/
  5. Unfortunately for Jared politicians very rarely get second chances in the modern era. Just ask Nick Clegg or Tony Blair how much political capital they have after a misstep. O'Mara did not speak in the chamber for more than a year after his election, we already know how he's performing.
  6. While Spice is illegal to sell in final form it's a lot easier to move around the basic legal chemical substances used to make up spice than it is to move an illegal substance in Cannabis. I'd rather we had a regulated alternative, tested to ensure maximum safety for those who consume this type of substances because it's becoming more and more obvious that people will consume these substances legal or not.
  7. Most people will just vote for their favoured party very rarely do we get a large negative personal vote especially for new candidates, it's up to the parties to select competent candidates people trust them (or used to trust them) to run the country so selecting candidates ought to be the easy bit.
  8. O'Mara is resigning likely because he faced deselection and would not be able to stand in the seat and claim the bonus payments he would get for standing and losing. Now he can stand and lose as an independent at the next election. This two faced conniving idiot is not fit for the office to hold the of MP and knows that whether wearing a red rosette or standing as an independent he'll lose. The only plus side is that it has exposed Labour's lacklustre lazy selection policy, you might hope that the quality of the candidates would improve but it seems unlikely.
  9. I would have thought you would need both, businesses like to be near other businesses of that type, it was the whole premise of the council's bid to move HS2 to the centre rather than Meadowhall.
  10. We're talking creatives here who fought tooth and nail to stay in London, I don't think they take kindly to being stuck on a Motorway junction even if it did have a fast train station, they demand the facilities of a city centre which aren't just shops. My money is on Bristol, Liverpool or Glasgow. If Scotland declared independence Channel4 would find themselves in an odd position but would probably receive additional money from the Scottish government to stay in Glasgow.
  11. Sheffield's creative heart is in the centre, Meadowhall has it's a place for industry, distribution, big box shopping and the odd call centre but there is zero creative industry there, having Channel4 in Meadowhall would be like fitting your spare tire for your Lamborghini to an articulated lorry. If there is to be a creative hub in Sheffield, it'll be near our trendy night spots in Kelham, our art spaces around Brown St, and our theatres and cinemas, not some motorway junction they ain't looking for a service station or call centre.
  12. Most of Britain's railway expansion plans are based upon increased passenger numbers and the likelihood that they will keep increasing. The Midland Mainline and Cross Country services will almost certainly not decrease in numbers but instead will add additional stops to their timetables and perhaps in the case of Cross Country be broken up to provide more local services.
  13. I would expect most of the fruit and veg stalls just match each other prices, they aren't a secret they can just have a quick wiz round the market every few hours to check they aren't being beaten and then update their own prices with a marker pen. I would like a better quality stall though there was one for a bit a couple of years ago they moved out saying rent was too high.
  14. So if you've worked for your family's business for 20 years, first in say the shop and then later managing the business you couldn't become an MP. This would seem to be at the same time a huge denial of democratic rights and really easy to work around if you're a political prodigy from one of the main parties. In recent years we seem to have moved away from politics run by students of politics these days so I'm not sure we really need to legislate for what is already happening.
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