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  1. well first of all dont believe what you read in such a rubbish paper!
  2. Where's henrys? What were the wards pubs like before they sold of to the likes of punch etc ?
  3. Anyone know where in sheffield i can still buy a pint of wards? I realise its brewed else where etc but still...
  4. Sorry but you are And its important for people to be in charge of the facts. But a ban could be useful.and told to look at pepipoo Cag etc
  5. It's not prosecution!!that can only be carried out in the criminal courts. This is civil only hence why they can't be called fines. This forum is hot on certain topics.... So why not stop people from being worried by these bully boys, by stopping the Excel et al trolls/employees? Would this forum allow people say its LEGAL to be a non practising peadophile?.........???? My point being why does this forum allow one thing and not another
  6. If you don't like it why get a job with them? Next please...
  7. Aliens prehaps you would care to give me the name of your mate at excel, ill give him a call if you like?
  8. Lol the advice is very incorrect. Would you leave your chickens to be looked after by mr woolf? These two wont change, they wont explain which laws have been broken and they wont explain why its a fine(when its an invoice) IGNORE IGNORE AND THEN IGNORE SOME MORE. SIMPLES:hihi:
  9. Maybe send link to proper help forms ie pepipoo ,Cag. Then close the topic to not allow trolls or excel employees to post misleading and incorrect information?
  10. Well done but it won't be long before u want to leave
  11. nothing will happen amron All you will get is standard letters. Trust me i can tell you exactly what letters you will get Send me a private message (you need to enable it) Its just an invoice. They prey on the weak and vulnerable. Also look on http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?88-Parking-Traffic-Offences and post your question on there. You really are wasting your time giving it any thought what so ever..
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