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  1. would you mind telling me how much it cost you, I am going to get some spiral twist spokes so I don't want to attempt it my self hahaha. cheers ALAN
  2. hi there, just found your posting about wheel building. Are up for a spot of wheel building then mate. We last spoke when you track down a Reliant engine and gearbox for if memory serves me right. I am slowly building a custom Ural Dnepr low rider cruiser and need a wheel altered to coincide with the lower stance of the bike, As you will know The Ural bike had 19" wheels and it does not do it for the cruiser look I think you will agree. I have a Kawasaki 16" rear wheel I have to strip down and shot blast the rim and get it painted or ionised Black. then I want the Ural wheel my mate is giving from up North taken apart and the hub is to go in the Kawasaki wheel rim, would you be interested in doing this for me and how much would it be to ?????. I realise its not a straight forward job and I would understand if you tell me to bog off haha. I would sooner pay someone I know than a company that will charge me a gold brick. For the front wheel I have just cheated and got a 17" disc brake wheel and that will do fine. Let me know what you think. cheers for know ALAN
  3. Hi Everyone, I have not been on S/F for a while but I must change that. I was doing some googling about birds and stuff and there seems to be a lack of after hours rescue service for after hours for Corvids and other wildlife. If there are any after hours problems regarding any Corvids please drop me a line on my email that bleeps up on my mobile. boyle1962@yahoo.co.uk Cheers ALAN SHEFFIELD S25 4EQ
  4. if you are going to spend that kind of money it could be worth going in for your full HGV class 1, then you are more qualified and you can drive anything then. I past my car test in 1990 and have drove 7.5 ton trucks of various types I want to buy a 7.5 recovery sleeper cab truck in the near future and I'm really pleased I passed in 1990. Good luck to anyone going in for the truck test no matter what licence they go for, Like I said if your going to spend money think big and go for the full HGV. ALAN
  5. if they want a ground anchor welded up let me know and I#ll make one up for them either to set in concrete, bolt down to concrete or bolt to the wall I can also fit it if need be. ALAN Sheffield S25
  6. Thats a good point Anne, I've got a friend and her sister has a share in a boat on a boat in stoke on trent and they regullarly get unexpected bills. Buying a boat could be share with family or friends to keep the costs down. You can also recycle waste oil for the fuel that would take down the fuel cost to a lower level. I must state please research the the waste oil recycling before you attempt this as its not a simple case of getting it filtered threw sock lol. ALAN
  7. I've been looking over at goole and surrounding areas for boats to buy and there are some cheap mooring as well but they don't have pontoons or jetties to moor up to but making a pontoon should not be a major problem - ALAN
  8. Just sent a request to join Liam, I have 2 spare Diff's and a back axle that I'm open to offers on. If you hear of any one wanting them tell them to drop me a line. Alan Boyle Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 2RN
  9. Young Adult Male Royal Python for sale, he is of normal colour and is just under the 1kg mark at 998g. He is the picture of health and realy good to handle, his feeding and pooing is all as they should be and will fit anyones life style. As most people know Royals are everyones favourite as being a good all round pet snake, their size is good and temprement is realy chilled out. If anyone would like to see the Royal to make sure the size is right for them they are more then welcome. We have a 2ft viv that could go with him at a extra cost, but he will need a bigger viv in the future. Any questions drop me a line. Cheers ALAN
  10. Is there any Burmese Python Breeders/keepers in and around Sheffield S25 2RN, I know someone with surplus rabbits if you need them drop me a line - ALAN
  11. I'm in contact with a guy that has got an adapter plate to connect a Reliant engine to a Moto-Guzzi gearbox, its going to cost a few quid but it will be soooooooo worth it. I want to do a trike and a motor bike in Reliant flavour, if the adapter plate shows signs of being able to connnect to a 1275cc Morris Marina engine I will be tempted to do that at a later stage as well lol. ALAN PS I will be getting the plate the end of January and will be searching for CNC company to do some copies, if you know of and used any companies I would be grateful for your feedback
  12. has anyone got a mini or metro engine for spares or repair, I want to use it for a rear wheel drive trike so any condition consider I want to do a nut and bolt strip down and restore it to as new condition. Please let me know if you have anything on offer at my email address cheers ALAN Sheffield S25 2RN email - ajboyle62@yahoo.co.uk
  13. Any of you guys got a 1000cc+ mini engine for spares or repairs, just need the bare engine and don't need the gearbox either. Let me know if you have anything to offer. Cheers ALAN Sheffield S25 Email - ajboyle62@gmail.com
  14. Has anyone thought of building a diesel bike or trike, if you do drop me a line and I'll take you throught processing waste oils to save you a bit of money. Sorry did I say a bit of money sorry I meant loads of moneeeeeeeeeey. ALAN
  15. Hi Guys, has anyone got a reliant 850 engine going spare and at a sensible price, if you have could you drop me a line with the details. If theres no carbs or or alto and starter that won't matter just the bare engine will be fine. My email is ajboyle62@gmail.com anything considered guys CHEERS ALAN Sheffield S25 2RN ---------- Post added 24-12-2013 at 12:58 ---------- you can fit a motorbike engine to one with an adapter plate, so it could be possible ALAN
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