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  1. After around 30 years of shop on Longley ave west, Shirecliffe been closed its going to open as a cafe/bar & Bistro 7 days a week, good old homemade food, bringing a much needed community together again
  2. Horse and jockey @ Attercliffe Will be having themed nights every Friday this Friday the 11th of December is SKA night, Doors open @ 12pm till 3am the Friday after 18th December is SINGLES NIGHT so get your Dancing shoes on and come and join us at the amazing Horse and Jockey @ Attercliffe , meet new people and the beautiful staff.
  3. Horse and jockey at Attercliffe is opening its doors on Friday 4th December first time in over four years, anyone know who it is the new owner? Used to be fantastic down cliff years ago
  4. Morning , what time does car boot start today near travellers near motorway up from Cowley lane near Chapeltown ?
  5. Tomorrow Sunday 29th Help our Heroes funday at The Market Inn High Green...There will be Rodeo, bouncy castles, stunt bikes, dancers, solo artist, Bands, fun fair, tombola etc hundereds of TOP prizes including Signed ENGLAND shirt by all the squad.. Hot roast pork stall, Burger van, apple boppin, Disco, & Our own ARMY LADS. etc etc, A FANTASTIC DAY FOR FANTASTIC CAUSE, please come and support our troops
  6. Hi The auction is on Wortley road S35 4LU There has been a vast range of things from plant pot holders to garden vacumes, porcelain dolls, collectors items, pokermon cards in boxs, cars, motorbikes and tanks in display boxs, pictures, pc's, car seats, printers, fax machines house hold furniture, toasters kettles, pots pans,clothes..really anything etc etc etc The great thing is that people fetch their unwanted items and the auction sells them, you fetch your stuff to the Market inn every thursday between 12 &5pm to be listed and the auction starts at 6pm you can put a reserve on your items if you wish.
  7. ha ha ha noooooo, auction of goods ha ha
  8. There is an auction in the Market Inn High green every Thursday @ 6pm you fetch your unwanted things and they sell them for you.. been going for last 3 weeks got some good stuff .
  9. Hi im going up today to look at the ground to make sure the ground is ok, should be in the next few weeks, will let you know later on today
  10. When does car boot season start? Im going to have them every Sunday on the large field at the back of Market Inn pub Wortley Road High Green, s35.
  11. Hi, i have a CCTV video of customers walking through spirits(ghosts) of the 5 arches pub herries road. i used to be landlady, the spirits (not in a bottle) spirits even looked through the CCTV lense, they all looked very large but actually it was because it was the foundation they was on at the time they were alive, there were many of them and each one changed their faces infront of the camera, i called in the supernatural team and had a night at the pub with them, there was a man(spirit) called Simon Tibus who's wife died in child birth Simon died through a battle where the 5 arches pub was in the corn fields, a little boy walter died through being trapped in snare and he couldnt find the light, there was an evil presence (spirit) that scratched the sides of a large vase which i still have, many many spirits there... a few days later i was in the cellar and i knew that someone was stood behind me, i quickly turned and there was a very tall man in soild form with very dark shoulder lenghth curly hair, black long coat and white ruffle collar shirt, and a pale face, i turned my head back round in disbelieve and in that split second the spirit had gone.. if anyone has wants to have a look at the CCTV they are more than welcome but im scared that it will release them...... ---------- Post added 22-10-2013 at 11:31 ---------- I also have a photo of me and my nephew in the photo is a indian (spirit) with smoke coming out of its mouth it is around 20 times bigger than me and my nephew (who passed away several months after the photo was taken)......
  12. Could have been but it was early hours in the morning doubt if many people would have been up at that hour but you never know... im a great believer that we arnt the only humans/creatures in this universe...
  13. I dont know whether it was the same thing but i remember years ago in the middle of the night i was looking out of my bedroom window and saw 3 white very fast things in the sky as though they were dancing! they stayed in the same place for about an hour the next morning i thought that there would have been lots of talk about it, i was going to phone the police that night and say.....(what)?? they were very high in the sky i would say near ecclesfield/ chapeltown park, that way..
  14. The parking meter in Chapeltown has caused a lot of empty pubs/shops i have noticed as i drive past from work, it used to be really busy with people and cars now there is a few scattered vehicles and hardly any people, why should anyone have to pay to park for a small amount of time to go to the butchers, post office food take away?? dosnt make sence to me its the small businesses that are being targeted, Asda car park is busting at the seams and i guess their tills are too now that the greedy council has once again got their hands in our pockets... one day they might listen when all that is left is empty builings and small businesses shattered dreams...
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