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  1. I went to that Arena gig too and I just thought they had absolutely no character or personality at all. They didn't talk to the audience which as it was their home city was pathetic. On the other hand they weren't as bad as the support band, a tribute band to stale 1974 cliches. Horrible. The first two LPs were okay but I reckon if they'd been around at the time of punk they wouldn't have stood out at all. The lyrics are interesting but the music is unimaginative. Plus by moving away they've lost that Sheffield link that Manchester bands never lost. It'll be the death of them because they don't seem to have anything to replace their original Sheffield charm with.
  2. I was looking at it the other day from the top of Howard Street and quite a few windows were open so I presumed people were living there and getting some fresh (by Arundel Gate standards) air in the place. It'll probably be full of Hallam students soon just as West One is filling up with Sheffield students as falling prices attract buy-to-let investors. Warning to investors - don't rent to British students or you'll need the carpet cleaner overleaf.
  3. There are two complaints here; - pubs in general are closing, and - Wetherspoons are opening pubs that are attracting chavs. Presumably the chavs now going to Wetherspoons used to go to the pubs that have closed. That's why they've closed. And presumably these people mis-behaved as much in the old pubs as they do now in Wetherspoons, in which case people are getting nostalgic for some right dives. Pubs are a business so Wetherspoons must be doing something right and the closing pubs something wrong. But not all Wetherspoons are full of Neanderthals. The one in Woodseats is alright although a look at the clientele standing outside the Bankers Draft having a cig is enough to make anyone teetotal. I wouldn't go in there even just to use the bogs. In any case pubs closing is just a sign of the times. In the past cinemas closed and became bingo places. Then the bingo places started to close. Churches have shut down. DIY places will go out of fashion at some point and Tesco's will go the way of blacksmiths and Radio Rentals. And I don't think pubs closing is necessarily a bad thing if it means fewer drunks on the streets or driving about.
  4. Spot on. It's all superstition and if you were born under Cancer and a Friday child like me you'd know that.
  5. If you're still a student, as mentioned in your other posts, try your students union. I think the Sheffield one is in the building just by the flyover but you can easily find out.
  6. I was watching a programme after the Haiti earthquake. Someone asked the survivors if the deaths of their relatives hadn't undermined their belief in a god. Why would a god cause an earthquake and kill so many people, he asked. The survivors replied that as they'd survived that proved a god existed because it had spared them. Those idiots who were convinced the world was going to end yesterday have probably already come up with a reason why the world not ending proves a god exists. Idiots like that will always be around and religion won't die as long as there are enough idiots to believe in a god. In other words it won't die. The stupidity and gullibility of many humans will ensure it carries on.
  7. If the 60 years old woman has to go then that shouldn't be a problem. Presumably she was born around 1950 by which time the greats of rock music - Presley, Berry, Cochran, Holly, Lennon, Dylan, Hendrix, Barrett, Townshend, Bowie, etc - had all been born. The last time the Monkeys played Sheffield Alex Turner wore a Hendrix (born 1942) t-shirt. The only problem will be that if she grew up listening to such great music she might find the Monkeys a bit flat.
  8. For me that's the worst place in Sheffield to be a pedestrian. At least at Waitrose on Ecclesall Road there's a subway but at the university roundabout you have to cross the road. The pavements are narrow and made narrower by the metal barriers. On top of that it's one of the busiest places in Sheffield for pedestrians as it's the university and one of the busiest for traffic. It would be hard to design a roundabout that's deliberately more dangerous.
  9. I first saw her a couple of years ago when I got back to the train station at midnight. She asked me for money so she could get the last train home. I looked up at the board and all the trains had gone. Then I looked at her teeth and most of them had gone too. You can't fool me, young lady, I thought, and ran like f**k.
  10. So the Tories are taking us back to the 30s after all. I shall go and stand on a street corner in Wigan.
  11. I've just logged onto the Yorkshire Post website, searched for the word "drugs" and pasted below links for the first 3 articles about people being arrested for alleged drug dealing. Only the third article has any suspicion the persons arrested aren't white and that's because the drugs came in from Pakistan. But then most drugs come in from abroad. See http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/national-news/drug_dealers_used_girl_9_as_cover_1_3368199 http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/national-news/drugs_baron_suspect_held_in_spain_1_3388708 http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/national-news/girl_held_over_drugs_in_pillow_case_1_3324231 Loads of white Britons deal drugs. The people on here arguing otherwise are just doing so to get some support for their own far-right organisations - EDL, BNP, whoever - whose own members aren't averse to the odd high. They could certainly do with it after all and presumably don't buy from non-whites.
  12. "Labour plan massive council tax increases...". 5 pages in an no one's commented on the veracity of the headline. The Star article quotes 4%, doesn't use the word "massive" and the Labour councillor denies it will be that high anyway. I wouldn't say 4% is "massive", not by a long way. I lived in London in the 80s and my local Labour council put the rates up by 62%. Now that was massive but they got voted back in next time thanks to the Poll Tax.
  13. Is there a bus lane coming from town on Eccelsall Road at the junction with Collegiate Crescent? I've never seen one. I think there's one there going into town but there are always cars parked on both sides so there's never more than 1 lane of traffic in each direction unless a car's turning and cars zip alomg on the inside. Anyway, as a cyclist I have some sympathy for once. The other day I was walking along Ecclesall Road and these 2 middle-class parents came past on bikes on the pavement followed by 2 small children also on bikes. So they're teaching their kids to cycle on the pavement. Brilliant. I've seen the same in middle class areas of London. Why can't they walk to the park and cycle round there? And as for Ecclesall Road, never cycle down it. It's always busy. There are quiet back streets. I'm normally cynical of car drivers but I've just got back from France where I've seen cars (and motor bikes) driving on pavements, never stopping at zebras, treating traffic lights and speed signs as inconvenient optionals, etc, etc, and so British car drivers seem relatively serene at the moment. Normal hostility will be resumed soon.
  14. He resigned because he was put on 12 months notice and because he was told he didn't have much money to spend. SUFC won't improve the last bit and as for the first bit it shows he's a bit unreliable and egotistical. It's not as if he did much at Barnsley. They finished just a few points better off than they had done under Davey. There are better managers out there looking for work.
  15. As I have under 5 posts I can't post a link but have a google for Real Time Music for Chesterfield and Sheffield. The postcode is S1 4JB. The entrance is actually just off Cavendish Street although their site says Fitzwilliam Street, at the back of West One. If you know where all the bars and restaurants are, go through there and it's the last shop on the right just as you get to Cavendish Street. Or just come down Cavendish Street from Glossop Road, down the side of the Swim Inn, and it's the first shop you reach on the left.
  16. There's a music shop at the top of Cavendish Street, part of the West One complex, 20 yards from Glossop Road. I can't think of any others in the city centre, just one on London Road and another on Ecclesall Road.
  17. Chesterfield town centre is lovely compared to similar-sized towns nearby like Rotherham and Barnsley. It's kept a lot of the original buildings. The market places are lovely and it's nice to be able to walk round without traffic flying past. I can't say it's a patch on Sheffield as a place to live but that's only due to size and things to do in general, but for a day out shopping it's infinitely preferable to Meadowhall.
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