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  1. i,ve rechecked and all they do is take your car for an mot they dont do them at their premises as they dont have all the proper equipment to do mot tests
  2. they don't do mot do they ,they are only a car breaker
  3. hemingways for me as they dont want work from cars they only want to work n trucks
  4. place on corparation street thats does clutch fitting very cheap, my and loads of mates and their mates use them ,just pop in and ask for chris or steve .you cant miss place it,s just up from the little tesco store
  5. well what me and a neighbour have done with gras verge is put loads of stone down as when everone parked on verge it just kept getting churned up ,council have seen it and up to now have said nothing and its been done around 2 year now
  6. i take it your car is allready in your name as then you would be able to tax it online
  7. if the car is not in the op name he/she can not tax it on line and if they tried the tax disc would go to the registered keepers address anyway
  8. hope it gets you next time ,see if you laughing then
  9. there is /was a place near mcdonalds near j35 m1 who do this kind of work ,i used to deliver cars there and there was allways loads of trade plate drivers hanging about in the reception area .dont know if they are still going but worth a try . go stright past mcd towards j35 take your next left ,go down past first left turning and it is /was down there
  10. it will go to 1 of the 3 chop shops in sheffield and get broken up, theres 1 down cliffe ,1 down neepsend and 1 in fox hill take your pick which one it ends up at
  11. for your information as well i,m always checking the speed my other half drives at and forever telling her to slow down so i would tell someone in person
  12. have to admit i leave tv /play station ,stereo all on stand by and have washer /dryer running trough night
  13. blue water in kent is very good but expensive and i also like metro centre in gateshead
  14. depends how bad it is but what i have seen in past is people pop rivet steel sheet on to door then make it a bit tidier by using filler and a spray can
  15. its called sheffield engine services ,top guys who work there and they really know their stuff. give them a call on 01142320400
  16. it was on radio few weeks ago it was supposed to be free parking ,got there person on entrance wanted 50 p per person in car ,i saw size or rather lack of market ,said bugger that and turned round ,total rip off
  17. about time as well,perhaps people will think more about parking correctly in future
  18. try neepsend motor factors ,they are quite cheap for parts
  19. it would not cost that much ,all it needs is a few signs
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