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  1. These mince pies are for next Christmas πŸ˜‚
  2. Sally Ann howes who is best known for playing truly scrumptious in the film chitty chitty bang bang has past away aged 91
  3. Best wishes to you as well mate. Another 8 hours and I’ve done for 2 weeks. But will see if I can find something to do while I’m off. πŸ‘
  4. Always on top of my game That would be telling
  5. Way things are looking it may be some time before it reopens
  6. It’s about Β£2000 from start to finish to get you hgv licence. Only problem is when you pass most employers want at least 2 years experience and so you get stuck in the circle No experience no job ,no job no experience
  7. If it is get out and stock up on them ad make a profit selling them
  8. Must be me then. But is there any more pies ??
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