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  1. Is that little as in short in height men or the room itself is small ?
  2. Race horse jockey lester piggott has passed away.
  3. Sorry you did not pass the criteria needed to be accepted to the bar 😮🤔
  4. Ridds ???? How much did you drink last night 🤔🤔🤔. Think you need more 🛌🛌🛌🛌
  5. Looking through the eyes of love. Gene Pitney
  6. As title says Heartache. Pepsi and Shirley
  7. And any good garage should do a sniff test on it to confirm it is or is not head gasket
  8. I’ve had enough of people complaining about prices going up. £1.50 for coffee £1.25 for a cup of tea £2.00 for parking. If these complaints don’t stop I’m not inviting anymore friends round to my house
  9. Evening all. I shall have a fruit and nut if someone is giving chocolate away.
  10. Pads get 5 million from under your mattress and go buy her house,she’s just put it on market. It’s a nice place as well
  11. All coming to yours for tea. Is there space to get my truck parked up ?
  12. Morning all from a pleasant sunny London
  13. What about the person from garden centre ??
  14. Don’t like bacon ,could I have hard boiled eggs please
  15. What sarnies are available as Ishould be home early tonight
  16. Most good garages should have a decent pressure tester. Make sure they use good dye in system as well. I use stuff that’s bright green so can’t miss it when it comes out.
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