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  1. Hope the pool is open this weekend as well as the bar
  2. Well done that man. Free drink for you I say
  3. I shall await my invitation as well now I’m back for a while
  4. Happy Monday guitarist mark ryder has passed away aged 58
  5. Tuck it in your mankini🫣🫣
  6. I want to know how will they know your having said wee unless you make that face that’s made when your having a good wee .smoking on some beaches in Spain has also been banned
  7. If they are not stolen or causing an obstruction police / council most likely won’t get involved in moving them
  8. Hope you’ve got diving boards as well.
  9. It’s nowhere as bad as portrayed nowadays. Loads of new houses going up and most are sold allready and not even finished yet
  10. I don’t think I’d let a dog lick my face. You don’t know where it’s had it’s tongue
  11. Just to let you know mr pads. I’m out of country again next week.
  12. Just leave it on Costs next to nothing
  13. Like to see you on that when you have had a few too many
  14. Does she not know you’ve bought a new shed ???
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