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  1. Thanks Jack. Yes i think our paths crossed on numerous occasions over quite a period of time. I remember Macsel well. Was Mick ? Fewkes anything to do with that? I remember Jackson’s starting up from the back of a van. For Greeting Cards I dealt with Macsel, Jackson’s, Turners, Smiths and various other people who used to come round with vans rammed with Simon Elvin. It all seems a life time ago
  2. Abbey Lane, Jack Weve spoken to each other before. The last time was on Sheffield History about Wrights on Derbyshire Lane. I PMd you Weve also spoken to each other about Turners on another occasion
  3. Hi Jack Yes I remember dealing with Macsel when I had the PO but I can’t remember any names .
  4. Hi I’m Dreb48’s partner. I was married to the lead singer of the Mexicans! Glad to hear you liked them. Think he would have liked to continue but they all wanted careers
  5. Used to love Norton Church Hall dances. Norton and Dore Dance were the 2 nights we most looked forward to back then. I know this is an old thread but if anybody is still posting , is the Pat Batch mentioned the one that lived at Beauchief and had a younger sister Susan ?
  6. I was just going to point out the same. People just can’t wait to tell you how superior their taste is to yours and totally miss the point of the OP. I remember asking on a thread years ago if anyone knew of pubs that sold a certain beer to be told sanctimoniously that it was cats <removed> anyway. So helpful.
  7. I was born and grew up in a prefab on Green Oak estate at Totley. I’d been back a few times, though obviously the prefabs are long gone. Fortunately, one of our children has moved into Laverdene recently and I always get that strange feeling of ‘ coming home ‘when I get past Dore Station on the way to visit. The hours spent trainspotting down there, the Church Halls where we danced or attended youth clubs, the shops on Totley Rise where I spent my hard earned paper round wages, the various woods we played in, the park we passed whole summers in......... just so much to remember fondly. Like others say, it’s the size and distances that completely throw you out now. The road layout is the same as it was when we lived there, played football in the street and sledged down the road but everything is just so much smaller than I remembered it. The roads seemed wider cos there were hardly any cars yet now it’s a struggle to get through with cars parked both sides. Its more than 50 years since I left but you never forget those times.
  8. There was a dad bad joke that I always used to play on my kids when we drove past. I used to start singing Bullock in Tower to the tune of Mull of Kintyre. They thought it was hilarious. Sorry.
  9. Hillsbro mentions the ISpy books that were the essential accompaniment to the arduous trip to the coast that seemed to take forever. I Spy at the Seaside , my favourite, but was generally extremely disappointed not to find an albatross or, a one legged seaman which reduced my chance of being Big Chief I Spy to zero. We were in the AA rather than RAC and had the beautiful chrome badge gleaming on the radiator. The sheer joy of being saluted by a passing AA patrolman is something that’s sadly missing from the modern day motoring experience
  10. I’ve got a photo. of the family standing beside our first car outside our house. It’s looking down our road and there’s not another car to be seen. We lived on a through road but we could play uninterrupted games of football on our road for hours.
  11. Happy days, hillsboro I often tell tales of car spotting in the 50s to anyone that’ll listen. They give me that ‘yeah right ‘ incredulous look. It’s just impossible for anyone under pension age to imagine that there were so few private cars on the road I lived on the GreenOak estate at Totley and I’d stroll up our road to Baslow Rd with pencil and notebook, sit on a bench and diligently make a note of passing vehicles most of which seemed to have a W in their registration. It didn’t quite have the appeal of trainspotting as you know very well. The joke I always tell is that I kept on doing it till the day my dad took me spotting on the M1 !!
  12. I think it’s possible that Richard was the Stefanski that lived on Roxton Rd as I said earlier. That would be about the right age . Think his wife was Marie ? They had 2 sons Daniel and Gareth .
  13. Don’t know if this is any help, but I remember a Stefanski family who lived on Roxton Rd off Abbey Lane in the 80s. I think they had 2 sons, one of whom was called Gareth who would now be around 40.
  14. Thanks for the response but there was no connection between the two. I remember the caterers on Hutcliffe Wood, though the name escapes me. They were in the end shop that subsequently became various restaurants until it became Andos which it is now.
  15. Does anyone remember Norton Caterers who had a place on Abbey Lane in the 60s ? It was run by Gordon and Doreen Boucher who moved later to the Wig and Pen on Campo Lane.
  16. I know Mandy’s friend, Janet, had asked for information about her on another thread which I think was about Woodseats. I don’t think she got any response
  17. There were 2 restaurants on West St quite close to each other. One was K Pasa and the other was Que Tal. Im pretty sure Que Tal was Chilean. There may be some old threads on here about it if you search.
  18. Vicky Singleton is alive and well and lives down the road from me in Beauchief.
  19. My experience is similar. Ours arrived a few months before the Coronation courtesy of Wiggies It was on the never, never just like the fridge and the washer. It was a tiny Bush set but that didn’t stop my dad inviting all the immediate neighbours round to view the proceedings. We lived in a prefab at Totley and the signal was poor, being in a valley, so my dad had a huge H aerial erected on a big pole on the front garden that was held up by guy ropes. Cant remember much about the day itself other than it was dark in our tiny front room with all those bodies crammed in and the curtains closed which was an essential part of early tv watching
  20. Hi mate. I started a similar thread about Totley in 50/60s in 2011. I got an initial flurry of posts then it slowed down. I’d post on it myself to try and get it back on the ‘front page’ thinking there’d be new people joining the forum who’d have something to contribute but it seemed that I’d lost more than I was gaining. It’s now died a death even though I’m sure there’s people out there who’ve got stories to tell. I don’t do FB personally but I guess that’s the only medium that encourages an immediate response these days Very frustrating.
  21. I used to cycle from Totley to Darnall to go ‘unofficially ‘ round the sheds. Millhouses was my local but you got a different class of engine at Darnall and was always worth the trip. Coincidentally my uncle worked as a driver at Grimesthorpe around the same time as your dad was there. He worked LMS. I used to spot mostly at Dore and Totley cutting and often he’d wave to me from an engine coming ‘ down London’ I had 5 minutes of fame on each occasion.
  22. No. I’m afaid hes been gone some years now. The Dibbos , Harry, Millie and daughter Cynthia, lived opposite us in Totley. Our families were really close After he worked for your Dad he became SubPostmaster at Dalewood PO
  23. I’m sure an old friend and neighbour of ours worked or managed a tv and radio shop there during the 50/60s His name was Harry Dibbo.
  24. Hi. I’m one of those who’s mentioned Frank in this thread. I was mates with him at school and I remember meeting up with him a couple of times for drinks a few years later. I think he was living up at Norton Lees , Ketton Avenue ? back then. I realise that nearly 50 years later this is hardly any help at all but it might just be a start
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