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  1. Someone earlier mentioned a Coal Merchants at the top of Tadcaster Rd That was Wilkinsons. I can remember old man Wilkinson working round Woodseats in the 60s with son John and a bloke called Brian Fox
  2. Apparently this was 2 Nov 1963. I saw them each time they came during a comparatively short period. That’s why it’s hard to remember which was which The first time I saw them they closed the first half of the show. Helen Shapiro was the main act
  3. If you go on Sheffield History ( you don’t have to be a member) and search the Beatles in Sheffield, you can read an opening post from 2007 that tells it all very much how I remember it
  4. Shame there were no IPhones then !! Im kidding seriously. Mind you, screaming and using your phone is quite an art. I was there Dont think I heard a song they played . It was manic
  5. I use both History and Expats on here and Sheffield History to share reminiscences and memories of past times with people of a similar age. If you’re going to call a section History Chat then that is surely what you’ll get . I think all of us are aware of its archive value and are in awe of some of the sterling work done by the serious history buffs on there. It’s not dumbing it down in any way. As a result of posting on both forums I’ve made contact with people who I’ve recognised or who’ve recognised me that I’ve not seen for decades. I recently made contact with my cousin I’d not seen or heard of for 60 years and I’ve hooked up again with old friends, schoolmates and neighbours that were long lost to me. I find both these sites invaluable and certainly on History and Expats it seems to be free of the smart ass, one line know it alls that inhabit certain other sections
  6. Arundel Chatsworth Haddon Wentworth Sherwood Clumber Welbeck Lynwood
  7. Fair enough but History Chat gets by far the most hits and is far likely to get you a response. I think you have to accept that there’s a lot of nostalgia seekers using both these sites for that purpose. On this forum, I hardly ever go to any other section. Only on the odd occasion I go onto Sheffield Chat but there’s a handful of tedious trolls on there that tend to spoil it.
  8. I’m not sure changing those without a profile picture to a Sheffield Wednesday logo is going to be universally popular !!
  9. Thanks me and pippo that does indeed solve the issue Neil’s a bit obsessed with ‘dark mode ‘ at the moment!!
  10. Yep. It’s the Hargreaves bros James and Neil James also does the Sheffield Guide selling all sorts of Sheffield related goods
  11. I agree. I think with most sites people will often just go to the main chat site. I’ve posted stuff in other categories on there and sometimes it’s months before anyones seen it The response time to anything is invariably incredibly slow. Ive never understood why people will post a question, get a response that requires an answer then not look again till a year later . That applies to any site
  12. Sheffield History is owned by the same guys who run Owlstalk the Wednesday fans online forum. I thought they’d bought this site too but I could be wrong The History site has gone a bit wonky the last couple of days
  13. Thanks Edave. Yes I thought it was High Storrs Scouts and also that there was some school connection.. I also think you may be right with the year as I was probably 4th year at King Teds . Johnny Kidd was killed in 66 in a car accident , I believe. In my recollection that was the period when Vance was doing all the Church Halls and had a regular slot at the Fleur de Lys at Totley
  14. I remember seeing Johnny Kidd and the Pirates at Nether Edge Hall round about 1960. It was a gig organised by some local scout group. I can only imagine they’d managed to book them before they’d made a name for themselves or it was a favour to someone as ’Shakin All Over ‘ was in the charts in 1960 Does anyone else have any recollection of this ?
  15. Thanks debs I’m on other forums and that’s all you ever see these days.
  16. Todays society encapsulated in one thread Polarised views No one listens to anyone who doesn’t think the same Sad times
  17. It’s a totally derelict shell of a building. What’s not been burnt is covered in graffiti. It looks a total eyesore. Housing estate soon I reckon
  18. That’s one very sad story mate Lest we forget , eh ?
  19. I just gave up posting on anything but History and Expats cos some of the stuff posted on other sections made my blood boil. I sometimes think tolerance and respect are often confined to this section cos it’s inhabited, mostly, by those who were taught those values in school and at home
  20. It must be a bit soul destroying at times, mate. You write these epic posts that it seems a diminishing number of forummers can genuinely relate to which means you’re destined to get little response Theres still a handful of posters over 70 who, like me, enjoy being transported back to those times by your quirky little tales. I admire your stickability Long may it continue
  21. I didn’t start drinking till the early 70s and I thought it was 10,30 last orders It was customary for the regulars where I drank to pop in for the ‘ last half ‘ at 10
  22. Do I like what the council have done ? No Would I sign a petition to voice my disapproval? Yes Would I go on a demo ? Well , frankly , no Ive never done a ‘demo’ in my life and neither have the vast majority of sane people in the country. I always thought it was funny how the Remainers mocked the Brexiteers for nobody turning up at rallies whilst they caused mayhem filling the streets and scrapping with the police. Whoops, then came the vote. Demos are for the aggressive vocal minority who don’t respect the law and want to force their opinions on people who generally find their views abhorrent
  23. I’d more or less given up on this forum but this is by far the best post Ive read in a long time
  24. I remember them well as a child. Like others said you either nibbled them on the way back from the shop or popped them in a glass of water to make your own fizzy drink. I had a newsagents during 60/ 90s and we used to have a rep come round from Carter Bond. I’m sure it was mainly sweets in jars we bought from them. Talking of the smell of sweets being made, does anyone remember the strong smell of humbugs when you came out of Heeley Baths and walked past Dixon Pitchfork on Broadfield Rd ? it even overpowered the chlorine in the swimming pool some days !!
  25. Summer Saturdays were the best with all the excursions. Somebody would shout ‘ Up London ‘or. ‘Down Manx’ as soon as they saw the signal arm raise and you’d run one way or the other hoping not to miss one. Meanwhile if there was an engine stood in the cutting you could go and chat with the driver. Got packed up with marmite sandwiches and a bottle of Tizer and I was set for the day
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