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  1. About 20 years ago, my partner and I were out in Totley having a meal one night after dark. We were driving down Penny Lane on the way back from the Cricket Inn. We were on the stretch where the road dips before you get to the Crown. I was driving slowly when ahead of us I noticed a white shape, the size of a person, appear from out of the field on the right, cross the road and disappear into the trees on the left. I pulled up and said to my partner . Did you see anything just then ? She said, Yes I saw something white cross the road. Now the strange thing was that neither of us felt scared or alarmed. We both felt incredibly calm despite it being incredibly surreal. We waited a while but it didn’t reappear. Before that time we were both extremely sceptical about ghosts or anything of that nature but we’re now convinced of their existence
  2. Hi Clive Pleased to see you’re still around 😉 As you read , I recently renewed acquaintance with Mick through a mutual friend on this very forum . I mentioned I’d had contact with you for a while a few years ago and he asked to be remembered to you and Sue if we talked again . A lot of the names you mentioned were brought up by Mick in conversation and I think you have mutual friends from that time that I don’t share . Hes mentioned several other people that I can’t remember at all. I’ll tell him you’ve posted . If you want his contact details please pm me or use my email. Yes you’re right Bonners we’re definitely trespassing on Wesley’s area but also there was trusty Mr Perkington from Totley PO who was still delivering on his bike. I had the round doing the whole of the prefabs from Wesley’s and you’re right it was hard collar before school. However that was a doddle compared to the round I was originally given starting on Baslow Rd and going down to Old Hay then round all the cottages and farms on Totley Bents. A nightmare at 6am on a cold dark January morning when I started . I stuck it a whole week before getting a transfer
  3. Yes I think you’re right there . The period I’m talking about would be early 60s There we’re plenty of kids from Cherry Tree at Totley County when I left in 59. When I go down Mickley Lane now I can’t get used to there being a pub there. It always seems the most unlikeliest place to build one
  4. No, Meltman, I don’t think it was connected to Cheshire Homes and to be honest I’m not sure it wasn’t still Cherry Tree Orphanage at that time It was somewhere in a field the opposite side of the road and I remember going 2 seperate years
  5. Do any old Totley residents remember when there was a fair with rides etc in a field on Mickley Lane somewhere above where they built the Shepley Spitfire ? it would be early 60s I was talking to someone about the fair they had off Granville Rd every year and it suddenly came to me
  6. True cuttsie Written very much in a similar way to your stories that we all enjoy
  7. Hi everybody Just revisiting the thread I started in 2011. I’ve recently been reconnected with Mick Lindley who went through County School at the same time as me. Mick lived initially at the bottom of Aldam Rd before moving to the bottom of Rowan Tree Dell. We have a lot of shared memories of those times and though we both knew alot of the same old schoolmates, he also knows loads of people I didn’t know and haven’t been mentioned in this thread. So , please , if you remember Mick or myself and are capable of putting a few words together ,will you share your memories with us ? With each year, there are less and less of us left to do that
  8. Monday 31 Jan 12 noon The latest word is that he’s still working on it and he hopes it will be resolved in the next 24 hours
  9. It’s turning out to be a more complicated issue than he at first thought
  10. Apparently it’s turning out to be a more complicated issue than he at first thought
  11. As in the other thread The site owner is aware and is supposedly currently fixing the issue
  12. I’ve just been told . Its being attended to as we speak
  13. Yes it appears to be down I’ve mentioned it on the Forum Support at Owlstalk this morning which normally prompts a response from the site owner. No comment as yet, sadly
  14. Someone earlier mentioned a Coal Merchants at the top of Tadcaster Rd That was Wilkinsons. I can remember old man Wilkinson working round Woodseats in the 60s with son John and a bloke called Brian Fox
  15. Apparently this was 2 Nov 1963. I saw them each time they came during a comparatively short period. That’s why it’s hard to remember which was which The first time I saw them they closed the first half of the show. Helen Shapiro was the main act
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