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  1. Summer Saturdays were the best with all the excursions. Somebody would shout ‘ Up London ‘or. ‘Down Manx’ as soon as they saw the signal arm raise and you’d run one way or the other hoping not to miss one. Meanwhile if there was an engine stood in the cutting you could go and chat with the driver. Got packed up with marmite sandwiches and a bottle of Tizer and I was set for the day
  2. The Cutting was a great place to spend your summer days. I’d go early morning after breakfast and stay there all day, usually till the Thames Clyde Express came through. You could also kill time racing round the dirt track on your bike. You got such a wide range of engines with a lot of passenger traffic on the London line and heavy goods on the Manchester line. Often hopped on the bike to do Millhouses shed if word got round there was something special in. Happy, trouble free days !!
  3. Nothing to do with the original post but your Li 150 experience reminds me of my own. Lived on Abbey Lane and on a wintery night decided to risk a drive to Dobcroft Rd Youth Club. Struggled to negotiate the corner at Beauchief traffic lights and scattered the good people waiting in the bus shelter as I drove through them and then back onto the road . Managed to get there in one piece but the journey back was just as interesting when I braked coming down Dobcroft but carried on into Abbeydale Rd South narrowly avoiding passing vehicles. Decided that night that it really wasn’t worth the street cred and hung up my parka that night.
  4. There was the Copper Hearth and the Golden Griddle on that block near the Claymore. They were Marsdens , I’m sure
  5. Our first doctor in the 50s was Dr Pettigrew when he had a practice on Baslow Rd at Totley. Judging by other posts in this thread the Pettigrews certainly got around. He was bald, tall, skinny and wore half spectacles. It was the days when they visited you as much as you visited them . He was assisted initially by Dr Crawford who was dapper and much younger then latterly they added Dr Mukherjee to the practice before moving up to Bocking Lane. The other surgery on Baslow Rd was Dr Linfoot When we moved to Abbey Lane we initially had Dr Brimacombe but then moved to Woodseats Medical Centre on Cobnar Rd where Dr Stephen Wright was the main practitioner
  6. Trip to Abbeydale pics Glass of Sass Chips from Bedale Fisheries Great night out for a young lad. You know the thread about Abbeydale Secondary Modern that you’ve got going ? Was it part of the same building as Abbeydale Primary School opposite Broadfield Rd? Not to be confused with Abbeydale Grammar that was on Hastings Rd
  7. There’s plenty on here happy to respond to a bit of nostalgia. Some are a lot slower than others unfortunately. There’s a few threads about Heeley and it’s cinemas and it’s people ftom round about our time. I was a Totley boy so our cinema of choice was the Abbeydale. I remember though once trying to get in the Heeley Palace to see The Young Ones and not being allowed in cos I was underage !! Obviously early exposure to Cliff would have damaged me permanently!!
  8. That’s ok John . She just fit the description, Same name , same age, lovely girl . Was just possible.
  9. I remember a Pat Walker that lived on Slate St at Heeley in the 60s
  10. Tommy Hoyland lived locally to the Swan and had a newsagents in Greenhill after his playing days
  11. Is he any relation to Ernest Brocklehurst who had the car dealership and garage just along the road at Meadowhead when it was Four Lane Ends . 50/60s to my memory ?
  12. Thanks Meltman Thats a really interesting read.. I guess the posh houses you could see at the bottom of your garden would have been the bottom end of Main Ave where it meets Rowan Tree Dell. I can certainly remember the grass island where you would have parked your car. Clive Bellamy, I mentioned previously, lived just further down Aldam Rd . Apart from the Drurys I can’t recollect any of the names you mention . I had a paper round for Wesleys that took me all round every part of the prefab estate and was certainly doing it when you moved in . You mention family later moving onto Totley Grange after the new housing was built. I can well remember when my previous paper round took me there when it was an old , dark and spooky old mansion surrounded by trees . Bit scary on dark winter mornings Incidentally the only girl I can remember living in the houses past Dore Station was called Liz Firth . Obviously there must have been others Hope to hear more from you.
  13. The park keeper was Harry Bellamy and lived on the prefabs like we did. His son , Clive and I were in the same year at County School. He’s regularly contributed some great memories to this thread. Harry kept the park immaculately and is now a complete throwback to a different time when kids had respect for authority of any kind and didn’t want a ticking off from the Parky. I can remember when the playground was built and the thick yellow clay I went home caked in from jumping in and out of big trenches . I remember also the tennis courts being built on top of a huge mound of earth. In later years we’d sit on the bank by the nets in the evenings trying to drag in a signal from Radio Luxembourg by sticking the transistor radio aerial into the netting. I’ve spent days and days of my life in that park doing one thing or another. My abiding memory of it is how sodden it became down at the bottom end below the cricket pitch which meant that even when it was busy that bit was always deserted.
  14. Yes. Cherry Tree Orphanage was on Mickley Lane . There were quite a few kids at school who lived there
  15. Thanks Dave for your response. i was 12 in 1960 so was part of that group that played football all weathers in Green Oak Rec on a Sunday afternoon. it was a great place to grow up wasn’t it? At top end of Green Oak Rd you’d probably have the woods at the back of your house ? A fantastic natural playground and with little or no hidden dangers in those days you could disappear after breakfast and re-emerge at tea time and no-one blinked an eye. Did you go to County School or Church School on Hillfoot ? With family now back on Laverdene I’m seeing a lot more of the place and though it’s changed, like everywhere I still get that pang of nostalgia when I hit Baslow Rd I used to spot at the Cutting around 59 till I found girls 😉 and yeah later on had a few nights in the Fleur. Sad sight seeing it turned into flats
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