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  1. Correct ! I am Alan stacey and it's good to get back in touch with you guys. It's midnight now but I will post some more later. TC
  2. Hi Kate, I saw Alan Vanezzi last year in Hillsborough but he was and still is a lot taller than me. Oh yes Tony Camm, how is he is and he still watching the Blades? Pete might remember my Green and Gold Lambretta LI 150 Scooter with loads of mirrors and backrest/headrest. I sometimes knocked about with Pete Callinswood who had a Vespa Sportique Scooter. I was in form 4/2 in my final year at school.( Pete was brighter than me)!! Any nearer?
  3. Hi Pete, My name is Alan, 5 - 5" black hair, slim, Fast runner (As was). Kath Camm was a lovely quiet girl as I remember her with long blonde hair, and quite tall and slim. ( Everybody was tall compared to me). Her brother Steve was a good lad too ( apart from being a blade) ha ha! I remmber Barbara Biggin too. Have you guessed who I am yet?
  4. Yes I started at Monteney in !956 or 57 and remember Miss Handley, I also went to Flamborough with the school (into the lighthouse). Miss Mycock was my teacher at the infants and I remember Miss Perry - Miss Leach, and Mr Roper at the Juniors. ---------- Post added 03-04-2014 at 22:58 ---------- I was there at the exact same time, and if we was in the same class i will have a picture of you. Miss Leach was awful and Mr Roper was very tough with certain pupils.
  5. Hi Ian, I lived at 44 Rokeby Drive (opposite the Jennel) till I got married in 1975. I knew Steven Gaffney very well from when he was very young and was a terrific footballer. I was born in the living room in 1952 and knew practically everyone around there, I also know Alan Burley but not from the school - through fishing! ---------- Post added 03-04-2014 at 19:34 ---------- Hi Wackyjaki I was at Colley from 63 to 67 and know all those people you mention. Mr Mason was our form teacher in my final year. I loved the school and most of Parson Cross. ---------- Post added 03-04-2014 at 19:37 ---------- Hi Kate I also was at Colley at the same time as you, and lived on Rokeby Drive, I know most of the names from one of your previous posts. ---------- Post added 03-04-2014 at 19:42 ---------- Hi Pete, I remember you well as I started at Monteney in 56 leaving Colley in 67. You also went to Colley club on Remington Road if memory serves me well.
  6. I was in the same class as John Barraclough, he shot me in the back with an air rifle! gawd it hurt. I also knew Robert.
  7. Hi Annette, I was Roys best friend for many years as I was born on Rokeby Dr (44)
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