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  1. I don't think the thug woman in the car was Romanian!!!!
  2. Pay attention please Kids were in the car so involved because we all witnessed the rage of the woman and Meadowhall was rammed so parking spaces were at a premium
  3. Waiting for a car to move out indicating to go in then someone cuts in front dangerous and rude is what I call it and then to shout out that it's because she's already been done out of two spaces it's ridiculous
  4. She would have flattened me she looked angry and violent ha ha me bad mannered for calling her a thug I called her a lot worse at the time
  5. I didn't see where she went I sped off she looked evil and all pent up don't mess with a woman who has been done out of two spaces frightening
  6. Witnessed today at Meadowhall a car in front of me indicating to turn into a space then an ignorant women just drives straight into it winds her window down and starts shouting that she has already been done out of two spaces herself and so it's tough. The ignorance and downright rudeness of some people. I tried to explain to my kids what had happened but I couldn't make them understand that some people are just ignorant and down right rude. It's the end of a respectful society and the country is just falling down Good luck to everyone out there and be careful thugs don't always wear caps n hoodies some are disguised as middle aged family women. (Bit on the large side)
  7. I went to the castle market with my nan dad and brother every Saturday parked on park hill flats and walked over the bridge. We went in the fish market and bought a crab as a treat some weeks Bought waffle trousers for school from harringtons climbing the stairs to try them on Great memories of busy stalls and bags full of veg n fruit Sad memories as well as once we walked across the bridge to see ambulance after ambulance racing underneath towards hillsborough news unfolded as we entered the market that something was wrong at hillsbororough people huddled around a radio on bomber Graham's jewellery stall. My uncle was at the match and we worried all afternoon as rumours circulated fortunately he was safe but many others weren't rip to the 96 Rip to castle market end of an era but times move on and good luck to the new market
  8. Top job genuine tradesman cannot praise him enough recommend to any one cannot believe that I only asked Thursday night and by Saturday teatime great job done nice one.
  9. Can anyone give me some advice I have a big garden I have cut down all the trees and cleared the brush I need some stumps taking out and some levelling off done. Is it easy to hire and drive my own mini digger and cheap(Will this do the stumps) Do I need a JCB which I call a big digger. How much does it cost and do I have to pay for a day even if it only takes half. Also could I sort it out in a day and get it done this weekend 13/14 April 2013 Thanks in advance for any help PMs welcome
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