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  1. Some youths have been causing havoc on Hartley Brook shops causing lots of damage and abusing nearby neighbors, and throwing golf balls at windows etc. If anybody has any information, please PM me, some of them have been have been seen on cctv nearby but anybody with more information, let us know. Any information from Wednesday 28th September would help.
  2. Anybody know why its Lindsay Ave Post Office is Closed?
  3. That isnt fair at all...i didnt know they were there for 6 months...
  4. oh no.. just been passed there think its going to be a hairdressers
  5. Cake shop at Hartley Brook Shops closed?? Anyone know if it has?
  6. Looks like Wordsworth Tavern is going to be an EDL pub nah then if they've opened for em, let them meet there and put all their edl banners up...hmmm!
  7. Just went into the Post Office on Hartley Brook Road and its totally changed..!! They've moved things around and sell everything now..i new they were havin bit of work done but seems like theyve changed everything....is it new owners in there or summet?
  8. Is Hartley Brook Post Office open while they have work goin on? I've seen they have had work men there the other day... If its not open whens it planned to reopen...?
  9. Normally collect me nans pension from there and its been closed for a week!! Anybody know whats happend?
  10. some people said some shops do like a catalogue and you can pay weekly - liked the idea of that
  11. Are there any decent christmas clubs so you can choose what toys you want and pay bit by bit?? Would prefer somewhere near Shiregreen
  12. oh no me nans sorted her papers from the post office on hartley brook shops so she happy but she no got her money back from the other shop she paid in advance for!!!!!
  13. lol.. but anybody know any more info as me nan needs her papers every day and think she paid in advance
  14. Anybody know why?? Me nan had her papers delivered from there but they didnt tell her that its closin!!
  15. Oh so you are involved steve? I heard the owners said they didn't want trouble so thought they cut u out!
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