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  1. Thankyou guys will be taking my little boy tomorrow
  2. Hi just wondering if anybody knows when the santas grotto is in town or if it is already there does anyone know the times and price as I'm wanting to take my little boy any information would really help thankyou
  3. Posted as a reply instead it wasn't showing in my post that's why I posted again
  4. Hi there just wondering if there is any land owners or farmers that would be willing to let my partner and his 2 friends ride their motorbikes on their land legelly as they don't want to go out on them somwhere they shouldn't supposed to be with them and lose the bikes they are willing to pay for this £20 each or so whatever you would like from the 3 lads to ride on your private land thankyou very much.
  5. Hi does anyone know of any land/fields where you can ride motorcross bikes/quads legally? I am willing to pay for this thankyou.
  6. Will they be able to do anything with the dog not been a stray though? Aww bless at least she can go on the garden in peace now my staffie is partly disabled so that would make it even worse if it came onto my garden again as I wouldn't be able to do anything as ive got a baby too he just doesn't like male dogs since he hasn't been able to walk properly due to 2 strokes..I think I might give the dog warden a ring and just enquire thanks vwkittie
  7. Yes maybe you're right its owned by a family over the back of my house it came onto my cousins garden (next door) the other day while they was doing there garden did its mess and was running around barking until a young child come to the bottom of there garden and was trying to tell it to come back but they didn't speak english so we didn't know wether it was vicious or not but eventually it ran back through and my cousins managed to block off where it got through so looks like I'm going to have to do the same at some point today as I don't want to let my dog out incase it comes back through my privett but they are fully aware that it can escape out of their property but obviously not botherd as its got over again this morning.
  8. If you are the owners of a long legged staffy cross type on boynton cresent shirecliffe please keep your dog under control as it as some how got onto my garden this morning stood barking at my partner through the window but that's not what I'm getting at my staffie doesn't like male dogs so if he manages to get on while my dogs out its not going to be a nice outcome if this carries on repeating I will be ringing the rspca to find out why you are not bothering that your garden is not secure enough for your dog to go on and it roaming onto neighbours gardens we dnt know if the dog is aggressive etc but when my partner went out to it it shot off through the privett so obviously is scared thanks!!!
  9. Hi sorry to hear about your lovely pets going missing I just wonderd if they live indoors or out? If they live out it mite be worth it to leave the cage door open with food and water down as often as you can and if you have the time to just keep having a look out to see if there's any sign of them coming back my two jills went missing for about 3 weeks and one day I went down the garden and there they were sat eating there food I really hope this works for you and you get them home safe and healthy.
  10. Not sure will mention it too her cheers
  11. Hi all don't know if I'm posting in the correct section but my mother in-law is lookin for a male alsatian to mate with her female alsatian she's a lovely looking girl got a lovely nature if you are interested in mating your dog with her please get intouch my mother in-law is offering first pick of the litter thankyou x
  12. It sure does I was waiting for the bus home before I realised it wasn't where it should have been so I'm very lucky
  13. Would like to thank the certain person that handed my blackberry phone to costumer services in morrisons hillsborough today your honesty is really appreciated not so much the phone I would have missed but the memories that's on it so if you are a forum user just like to say a big thankyou to you and you are a very kind person
  14. Reason for Rehome / Sale: Do not have the time for them anymore Time Scale – How Urgent? asap Sale Amount £80 ovno Location sheffield 5 Age & Sex 1 male 2 females Breed/ Mix bearded dragon Approximate size now and full grown size: fully grown Viv size needed: quite big Micro chipped/ Breeders paperwork N/A Vaccinated & Wormed N/A Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues no Temperament/Any handling issues yes can be handled Beginners reptile, moderate or experienced only either Easy to feed yes Live/dead food both salad veg crickets meal worms etc herbivore/omnivore/carnivore/insectivore insectivore Good or Bad with Children been handled by my 6 year old neice Dislike of Men or Women N/A Destructive Behaviour N/A General information that you can share: For sale are 3 bearded dragons two large ones male and female and a small female which has a foot missing she was like this when we got her they av lived together ever since we got them shed well eat well and poop well they do like going out in the garden when its nice and sunny they also like baths too can be handled we just dont have the time thet need anymore and would like them to go to a forever loving home the vivarium they are in at the moment is hand made but my partner had to cut it down as it was too big that as everything you need with it the new viv is finished just needs glass/plastic which ever you would prefer if you are interested you are welcome to come amd have a look at them and the vivs before u buy £80 ovno thanks.
  15. Hi there I am wanting a female baby rabbit pm me if you have any for sale :-) thankyou
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