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  1. thankyou every one inhave got a much better idea now were to go sounds like bulgari is a nice place so i will enjoy it im sure
  2. thank you i will keep that bin mind i was hoping to go mid september will they still be plenty open or am i leaving it too late
  3. i havnt decided yet not booked it i been looking on internet for some ideas as were to go
  4. Hi every im hoping you can help me i am planning on taking my 11 year son to bulgari in september the problem is i have never been there before and i was hoping if any one can give me swome ideas as were to go were is nice and child friendly . My son has adhd so as you can imagine hev is very hyper and easily gets bored so some where very chid friendly would be a great help thanks!!
  5. just one word for the scum COWARDS!!!! hope your mum is ok im sure she will be as she sounds like a very strong lady
  6. i would have not been the class clown and learnt listened and learned even more at school then i would joined the army like i wanted too wen i was 17 but never did hence the s@@@ life i lived I also wouldnt have self harmed all those years ogo as now im all covered in scars on my arms that has too be my biggest regret i think even though on a good day wen i catch people looking at my scares and they quickly look away cause i catch them i do smile to my self some times .But it has took me a long long time tobe brsve enough to show my arms.
  7. my son has adhd and i was able to ask for a holiday off family fund last year i took to greece you could ask them
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