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  1. thankyou all for your comments, very useful information, its just really wittling me as we are wanting to move in together but this is in the way at min and my bf said there isnt no equity to come out of it so if they sell theres nothing, but he will be homeless while she still living with lover and ive been paying into the house, cant wait till its done with so we can just be happy x
  2. my boyfriends wife left him 2 yr ago for another man, she had been cheating on him for a while, but they have a mortgage together but like i said she left 2 yr ago and not paid anything on it in that time.... does anyone no if she can make him sell or anything as she is saying that she will or she wants 20 grand but there isnt 20 grand in equity to come if he sells he has no home and no money and she will still have a home with her lover but no money from house.... really dont no what to do this is getting to him and our realationship.
  3. Hi i have started a group on facebook for people who have seperated and lost custody of there children, or parents or grandparents or even extended family who dont get to see there children at all, even people who have their children removed by aurthorities all welcome to our group, to support and talk and share your views or your situations, no-one will be judged. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Our-kids-need-both-parents-and-both-families/194514087261158
  4. hi guys, last year i suffered a nervous breakdown and was admitted to hospital for quite a while, due to the breakdown of my marriage and my ex-husband taking my children from me,since then i have worked so hard to get myself better, still having a lot of bad days but coping well, i have set a group up called SUPPORTING PARENTS WHO ONLY GET CONTACT WITH THEIR CHILDREN, i did this as since my husband took my children all i get is weekend access for 5 hours, and i felt i wasnt heard in court because of my illness, so please could you take the time to look at my group, it is a lovely welcoming group so please join on facebook , thankyou , lynsey x
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