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  1. Hi. I have a good friend who has got a 13 plate Mercedes 5dr B Class hatchback and he is thinking about starting up a private airport taxi and he has no idea what he needs to do this in the correct and legal way. What type of insurances does he need and what other things does he need. Any advice or info would be really appreciated. Thank you
  2. ok no problem you have been a great help smithy266 its really appreciated
  3. thats great, i have a M8 4k TVO Box would this be any good to link up with my pc as its also built in wifi
  4. any other devices apart from a chromecast
  5. hi the computer is a HP PRO 3305 SERIES MT and the tv is a bush DLED49287FHD
  6. its something that my wants and its mainly to watch films
  7. hi, i was wondering if or how i can do the following i have my computer in the dining room (back) and i would like to connect the computer to my tv in the lounge (front room), is there any way i can do this without having to use a cable any help would be very much appreciated
  8. hi everyone, well i thought i would update you on my situation. After loads of phone calls and lots of live online chats BT has now sorted the problem. And they even changed the master socket to a brand new one and its all good here now and we can use our land line phone and broadband. After telling BT that we have the right to cancel our contract because we are paying for a service and we wasn't getting a service and a breach of a contract that they were not providing a service that we was paying for an engineer was booked. Thank you to BT for eventually listening to us and also to thank the engineer for sorting out the problem.
  9. the master socket has the original BT logo on it and no one has tampered with it, i have a phone extension cable connected to the adsl filter which even if i only connect the phone to the master socket it still crackles
  10. Hi everyone i need your help and advice. I'm with BT for my phone & broadband. Our landline cordless phone always crackles either when i phone out or when i have an incoming call and its that bad i now use my mobile. I have tried a corded phone and its the same so i now know its not the phone. Regarding the broadband i have had the internet go down 3 or 4 times in an hour so i contacted BT and they have sent me a brand new hub 6 router which i have now connected and the internet still goes down 3 or 4 times an hour. I have contacted BT regarding this and they have sent me a text today with the following message " Hello BT here. your engineer will visit on 11/8/18. Weve checked and the problem might be with your equipment. If its something in your home and not BT equipment you might need to pay a £129.99 repair charge. So its a good idea to check first at bt.com/faults and bt.com/wiring" If BT provides the outside line from the cabinet along the pole and into my house with the original BT phone socket who is responsible for that me or BT Please can someone help me because i thought that BT had the responsibility with the outside line and the original BT SOCKET
  11. Hi did aq network reset as mentioned and still the same. i have ordered a new updated network card and hopefully that will work many thanks for your help in this matter and i will post back what happens with a new network card ---------- Post added 10-07-2018 at 21:02 ---------- It works and a network card for £3 happy days
  12. hi, i have tried doing separate wireless networks and smart setup off no joy ive also tried dedicating a specific IP ADDRESS no joy
  13. Hi. I have upgraded our BT Broadband , we had the home hub 5 and as for the upgrade we have now been given the new BT Smart hub 6. I have changed over the hubs and connected all the ethernet cables as before and the wireless signal is better, however we have 2 computers using etherent cables as our computers dont have wireless which each pc has its own ethernet cable. my wifes pc's internet is working fine but mine keeps disconnecting. I have tried swapping over the cables and its still doing the same. i have updated my network driver (onboard REALTEK PCIe FE Family controller ) and still keeps disconnecting. my wife's onboard network is ( REALTEK PCIe GBE Family controller ). With the other hub we had no problems. What usb wireless dongle would be suitable for my BT Broadband using the Smart hub 6. Many thanks
  14. Hi. I have been put on to a car insurance as a named driver but on the policy it has all the correct details except my name it has the same name as the policy holder and not mine. Am I allowed to drive the car as I thought the name being shown on my license has to be the same on the policy
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