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    Dartboard & Surround in good condition. £15. Collect Fulwood S10.


  2. Does anyone know of a good step or aerobic fitness class in the S10 or S11 area? Must be in the evening due to work commitments.
  3. Thank you very much for your uplifting and positive comments. I am sure they will be extremely helpful to a 14 year old who is actually trying to learn a skill, improve his confidence and contribute something to society rather than being bored.
  4. Thanks for the link. Very useful, all I need to do now is help him find the job. If anyone owns a business or knows of anyone needing help on a Saturday please let me know. He is hard working and conscientious.
  5. My son, who will be 14 in February, is desperate to earn some money, he has put his name down for a paper round but there seems to be a very long waiting list. Ideally it would be on a Saturday, i am assuming there are laws determining how many hours he can work and earn etc. Does anyone know what these are and also where he could find a job? Many thanks.
  6. My 12 year old son is interested in running. He has taken part in several cross country events and also some track events for school. He has now decided he would like to focus on the track side of things and would really like to get involved with a club if possible. Does anyone know of a suitable club or have any advice?
  7. Is the Bonfire in Dore going ahead this year? think its run by the Scouts?
  8. My son who is 13 years old is wanting to play American Football, does anyone know of a club or training group he can join?
  9. We used vision but I would recommend you stay away from them, they cancelled several appointments for various reasons. Two years after the windows were installed the units started to mist up and handles fell off, we contacted them thinking the work would be covered by their 10 year guarantee only to be told that the guarantees were worthless because Vision had folded as a business even though they had set up a new company also called Vision and was doing exactly the same work with the same people!
  10. They are called Vision Trade which is slightly different. Basically its the same company run by the same people but any guarantees for work carried out before the name change are no longer valid. Beware
  11. Stay away from Vision windows. Will do anything to get out of doing work under their guarantees. Wanted to charge me over £400 for work that should be covered by their guarantee.
  12. Avoid Vision Trade Windows. Over the last few years they have gone into liquidation, changed their name and carried trading. Therefore their guarantees are not honoured. They will do anything to get out of having to do work under the guarantees.
  13. My 12 year old son & his friend are wanting to ideally play football or will consider any other sport during half term and I wondered if anyone knew of any club that is running over Feb half term that would be suitable for them. Cheers
  14. thanks for the info I'll check out the others you have mentioned.
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