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  1. Yes they have! They've took it upon themselves to ban him without thinking about the people who want to see him live! Coming out with the same old bull**** like Sibon has like go & watch him in Manchester (nobody is stopping your rights) ..... No nobody is stopping me from watching him in Manchester but i along with many other wanted to watch him here in Sheffield! Answer me this simple question because nobody else can't or won't! Who is he going to offend?
  2. Maybe if the idiots who run the place stop cancelling shows in fear of being called a racist & start thinking of making money then they'll be quids in ...... but no! With people like you around sticking they're oar in making a mountain out of a mole hill. Have you ever seen any of his shows? If so you'll find out that he isn't the racist you & people like you seem to tar him with!
  3. I wouldn't have to travel to Manchester would i if it weren't for the snowflake brigade taking away peoples rights, like i said before to see him people would have to but a ticket to see his show if snowflakes are stupid enough to buy a ticket then they seriously need their heads banging together other than that who would get offended?
  4. Maybe a lot more people than you realise aren't bothered because at the end of the day regarding it being racist or not people should have the right to go & see his shows!
  5. Because it's a choice ..... If you don't like him then simply don't but a ticket as for the workplace comment it's a theatre where people have a choice (well they're supposed to have a choice if they want to go & see him or not!) He's been coming to Sheffield for over 30 years & now your all of a sudden claiming that staff have to hear his racist jokes? Guess what? The staff also have a choice, they can either book a holiday or ask for a swap that's how things go nowadays at work. I'm sure the staff won't be arsed about it all it's just the job of snowflakes kicking up a storm & the media & the pressure groups never misses the opportunity to jump on a bandwagon then for some weird reason the council feel a little hot under the collar & feel they have to make a choice not to have his show in Sheffield.
  6. Isn't it odd that the amount of people coming out saying they despise him or he's not my cup of tea? He's been doing his shows in Sheffield for over 30 years & the shows have been sell outs, personally i love his material & i think the people behind this decision to cancel his show should be ashamed of themselves & sacked from their jobs. No other town/city have cancelled his shows only Sheffield .... Why? I don't believe for one minute that it's because of complaints! We live in a society where snowflakes will do almost anything to stop anything because they think it might offend other people, if i or anybody else who wish to go & pay for a ticket to go & see him then that is our choice to do that! Who do these idiots think they are taking that right away from us? Who is he going offend? The show doesn't get broadcasted live on big speakers to those outside so they can listen in!
  7. Annes Grove School 75/76 then on to Shiregreen School 76/81
  8. Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out (1982 Single Version) HQ - YouTube
  9. Sex Pistols - Silly Thing - YouTube The Clash-Career Opportunities - YouTube
  10. Mrs Ann Robson? If so she was my form teacher up until i left in 87, not long after i heard she went & teached at Hindhouse school.
  11. Wednesday only played their big games at Bramall lane (home of Sheffield United Cricket club) the rest of their games were played at Olive Grove until they moved north of the city (Owlerton) & when Sheffield United Cricket Club lost their revenue they decided to form a professional club (Sheffield United f.c) . Just to put myths to bed a lot of Wednesday fans (not all wednesday fans) seem to think that Bramall Lane was their ground before United was born ( it wasn't they rented the ground for big games because Olive Grove wasn't big enough hence the move to Owlerton )
  12. Anybody remember Michelle's on the junction of Newhall rd & Attercliffe rd? I used to work @ Rubber & Allied Products on Leigh St late 80's & used to go there nearly every morning, wondering whatever happened to Michelle.
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