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  1. Annes Grove School 75/76 then on to Shiregreen School 76/81
  2. Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out (1982 Single Version) HQ - YouTube
  3. Sex Pistols - Silly Thing - YouTube The Clash-Career Opportunities - YouTube
  4. Mrs Ann Robson? If so she was my form teacher up until i left in 87, not long after i heard she went & teached at Hindhouse school.
  5. Wednesday only played their big games at Bramall lane (home of Sheffield United Cricket club) the rest of their games were played at Olive Grove until they moved north of the city (Owlerton) & when Sheffield United Cricket Club lost their revenue they decided to form a professional club (Sheffield United f.c) . Just to put myths to bed a lot of Wednesday fans (not all wednesday fans) seem to think that Bramall Lane was their ground before United was born ( it wasn't they rented the ground for big games because Olive Grove wasn't big enough hence the move to Owlerton )
  6. Anybody remember Michelle's on the junction of Newhall rd & Attercliffe rd? I used to work @ Rubber & Allied Products on Leigh St late 80's & used to go there nearly every morning, wondering whatever happened to Michelle.
  7. Mrs Kemp, Mr Inman, Miss Gosling, Mr Mahoney, Mrs Oxley, Mrs Shemeld, Mrs Gorrell, Mr Sanderson, Mr Priest ...... All had an impact on my early life some good some not so good.
  8. R.I.P Marie Not everybody's cuppa tea but they were certainly a band I was fond of & followed since 89. Devastated when I found out she passed away. One of my favourites from them 😪
  9. First buses are practically empty anyway compared tp Stagecoach buses Saturday 27th July & Saturday 3rd August
  10. Doncaster 1 Wigan 2 Rotherham 2 Blackpool 0 Barnet 1 Chesterfield 2 Bristol City 2 Sheffield United 1 Derby 2 Barnsley 1 Sheffield Wednesday 2 Norwich 1
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