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  1. I pleased to hear that as I've got tickets to see him on the 30th of this month .
  2. I read somewhere that when people hear a tannoy announcement warning of pickpockets operating they invariably feel to see if they still have their wallet / purse ,indicating to the 'thieves' which pocket their wallet / purse is in .
  3. That cigarette lighter just might have the DNA of the thief on it . I hope you told the police and that they have taken possession of it .
  4. I believe the maximum sentence for burglary at someone home is 14 years imprisonment . He has got off light as the courts like DFS and Safestyle etc always have a half price special offer on so out in 3 years or less . At least in prison he will find it easy to get his drugs , alcohol might be slightly different .
  5. I'd also recommend Safenet . Dave fitted a wired alarm system to my daughters house , a real genuine guy and no rip off prices . The website is Safenetalarms.co.uk
  6. Those were the days Black Kwango , Masambula , Les Kellet, Jackie Pallo etc. I remember them well . Didn't stay in hotels in those days all arrived together by bus.
  7. I've used Hermes in the past for ebay sales , they are cheaper than the Royal Mail and will collect from your home for a few pence less than you delivering them to a Hermes agent [ often a local corner shop] . Certainly a case of ' size matters' for ebay sales in future .
  8. I know you want someone local to buy it but I would have a look on ebay first to get an idea what it would be worth if you listed it on there . I know ebay means extra work photographing it , packaging etc but whoever buys it from you will most likely then sell it on . You could always sell it in on ebay in smaller lots to make it easier to post . Some Meccano pieces seem to be quite collectable .
  9. Is this the fighting season for women in Sheffield ? The thread 'Lambing at Whirlow Farm ' mentions two women fighting there . I suppose women fighting could be part of the Olympic Legacy
  10. I'm also moving from Talk Talk due to the constant dropping out problems . I had an engineer out and he blamed the fact that my router wasn't connected to the main incoming phone line . He may be right but I'm going to give Plusnet a try . A multicultural experience dealing with Talk Talk as the engineer was from Poland and the call centre is in India . At least Plusnet are in Sheffield
  11. Class Windows fitted doors and windows to my daughters house and I would definitely recommend them . They have their windows made by Sheffield Window Company but their quote was cheaper than Sheffield Windows . Give Brian a call on 01142649171 or mobile 07989892827 .
  12. These callers often originate from the Nottingham area . Although I don't live in Sheffield I have had them knocking at my door . The last one admitted he had just come out of prison and was trying to go straight , he was from Nottingham . The stuff they sell is what you would see in the pound shops but they are asking far more for it . Whilst I feel sorry for them I never buy anything .
  13. What I think you are saying Mickeyr1234 is there is a huge backlog due to lack of staff that means some items take over a year to be looked at . I would be interested in what 'process' takes over a year to bring up evidence . If the police are doing their job correctly it does not take 6 months to find evidence . The police are doing a great job and I support them 100% BUT there are some officers who think it OK to mess people about and hanging onto property longer than necessary comes into that category . If there was a need for the items as evidence by all means retain them but if they weren't needed for evidence they should have gone back straight away . Sounds a bit like ' we'll p**s his girlfriend about to me .
  14. Unless there was evidence on your daughters phone and laptop then the police would have no reason to have kept them at all once they had been examined . The fact that your daughter has been paying the contract on the phone for 6 months adds to the poor service from the police . My advice would be to make a formal complaint to the police and claim for the amount of money your daughter paid on the phone contract . There may of course be another side to this which would change my advice .One final thought hopefully your daughter will choose her boyfriends more carefully in future assuming she isn't still with the one who caused her the hassle.
  15. I'd definitely recommend SafeNet Alarms they fitted a wired alarm to my daughters house in Woodhouse and I cannot praise Dave who fitted it highly enough . No rip off prices and a quality job . I should have had it fitted before she had a burglary .
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