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  1. I live on Angleton Close, been here for a few years. It's pretty quiet really. Good friendly folk .Don't believe all you hear about it .
  2. Could I use open office. To open things that are sent to me from Microsoft word?
  3. Hi I'm thick when it comes to computers, I need to install Microsoft office on my laptop do I have to pay or can I get it for free.
  4. He has been around for about a year now, took him to the vets becaus he had a cut on his head. The vet told me, His name is elmar, 8years old and comes from east bank road. The vet has all the info, still living in my garden. Also ad on facebook, s26 swaps and sales with a pic
  5. Tried that ,you turn the phone on it won't go past the iTunes symbol.Tried a forced restart no good
  6. Tried that ,through I tunes wouldn't go any further due to error ,was told by Apple it was unable to fix ,thought someone on here could help
  7. Hi my daughter's phone has packed in,she put a new pin no in it and forgot it, then my little lad got hold of it and messed about with it , the wife tried to recover it all somehow with my laptop and now it's done in , she took it the Apple shop who said it was a hardware problem which made it unable to restore it . It is a iPhone 4s 32gig , is it repairable or not ,Apple store wanted a small fortune to repair it , is there anyone on here who can help or advise thanks
  8. Hi all I need a new screen putting on my phone and laptop does anybody on here do them ,
  9. Hi does anyone know where the best place is to get a diamond replaced in the wife's ring s the diamond has fell out and she can't find it thanks
  10. looking for a good taxi service for my family 2 adults and 2 kids , Sheffield to Birmingham, return pickup, anyone recommend any good firms thanks
  11. hi all where is the cheapest place to buy decking @ 3mtr lengths this weekend thanks
  12. hi I need a couple of tops embroidering where would be the cheapest place to get it done thanks .
  13. hi we bought a Packard bell dot s. for our daughter. the wife set it up ok, wifi .facebook etc.this was done before she wrapped it up . now on start up it says.;windows logon:logon U I .exe- bad image c;\windows\system32\windowscodecs.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error.try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support. don't know what we are doing with these so any help would be grateful , and it would put a great big smile on my girls face thanks
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