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  1. If I just ask the bank for a new account will they be able to do it over the phone and just shut the other one. I just dont want them to have my account number and send me slips to pay what I can when I can.
  2. Will the bank be able to tell me if I have any CPA's on my account?
  3. They should only have authority to take money from my card number though shouldn't they? Not my bank account.
  4. Thanks for the link but it just mentions the long number on my card, so a new card would mean a new number. It doesn't say anything about my bank account number.
  5. Hi all, if I phone my bank to cancel my card, will a loan company still be able to take money out of my account? Cancelling the card will get me a new card number but they still have my account number so will they try it?
  6. I am wanting to get a new phone next month but would like to no if they will do a credit check on me. I already have a sim only deal with tesco at £20 a month and I am wanting a phone at£10 a month with tesco. since I took the sim only deal 12 months ago, I have got bad credit. So if I go to upgrade, will they still do a credit check even though I haven't missed any payments with them?
  7. I didn't think of trying the shop. I will go in at the weekend thank you
  8. If I cut my sim card into a micro sim will it still work and if I mess it up will they send me another sim as I'm on contract? Thanks for any info.
  9. Yes there has been about 3 threads on this now and its front page of the star today. Thing is it happend friday or saturday so not headline news.
  10. If any film. I had a look at her public profile last night and she was on here at 21.08
  11. No kids involved. He wants to have children with her though. Shes in her 20s and hes in his 40s. They say age doesnt matter but it will do in the long run.
  12. Most of the advice from people here is to leave it so i will just have to wait. If she puts anything like that up again then i will phone the police in hope they will go round and at least see her injuries. I just hope she leaves him next time because she must know it will always happen.
  13. Would you like me to pm you her name so you can see for yourself. Then maybe you would find it even more odd when the next day she got him a rose and put it on the table with his breakfast. Thank you for all the other advice but i cant phone her or send a text as she will be with him. She also has somewhere else to go if she left him. I will just have to wait and see if she phones me.
  14. I was hoping the police would look at her facebook and go round there to speak to her alone and ask what she wanted to do.
  15. I fell out with my best friend over her choice of boyfriend as she said he hit her a few times. Shes been back with him a month and ive just seen on facebook that he hit her again. It said her face was black and blue. This was posted last monday though and dont think she will have taken any photos of what he did. I feel i should inform the police about this. Can i ask what others would do please and would they find out if it was me who rang the police ?
  16. Hi, im in crookes and i have no problems with my 3 dongle. Its £10 for 1gb or £15 for 3gb month. Everyones using wifi these days so the 3g speeds are ok.
  17. I looked on the website but they seem expensive and didnt seem to have what i want. I think its townsend in gleadless who had some i like but if they cant deliver in the time i need then will need someone closer.
  18. I will see if they have a website thanks. Its red roses im wanting.
  19. Hi all, if i order some flowers at 8.30-9.00 in the morning, will they be able to deliver them by 12 if its not to far to go or can anyone tell me a florist that can. They have to be deliverd to town. Thanks for any help with this.
  20. Hi all, is there anyone on here who writes song lyrics and sends them off to a record company ect ? If there is anyone then do you have any luck and where is the best place to send them ? They are just lyrics with no music and more like rock/indie lyrics than pop.
  21. Yes when i ran the diagnostics the hard drive had a red x next to it but when i clicked on it just to run hd test, it then passed and had a green tick, it only has a 250gb hd as i only surf the web and store my music on there. Would i be able to fit this part myself or would i get anything for the laptop as it is or put towards a swap ? £50 is my budget if i can get something just to surf the web.
  22. Hi all, i asked for help with this on here before but it wont let me do the same again, i have a dell inspiron 15 running windows 7. I was really slow and i had to rush off so i took the battery off while connected to the web. When i switch it on it says launch startup repair (recommended) i do this and it says windows is loading files, it then goes onto a blue screen with a green leaf and white line patten and stays like that, i left it over an hour and nothing, when i press start windows normally i just get the starting windows page then nothing after an hour. Whatever option i choose when i press f8 it always does the same, i go to restore mode and it comes up the system is booting in safe mode-directory services repair, left 2 hours and nothing. On the website and other forums it says i should be getting options like language selection but im not, i ran a diagnostic test pressing f12 and it says it found something but didnt say what, just that dell could help me. Ive tried ctrl f11 and i just get launch startup repair again. Ive put the cd in that i got with the laptop and still nothing. If im not able to reset it with help on here, how much would this cost to fix ?
  23. Will your things really be secure if you store them with a removal firm ? I know its cheaper and they are insured but if your storing items you cant replace. Are these places often a target for thieves ?
  24. Ive left it a week so its rock solid now, theres bits of no more nails to. Theres about 8 patches and one is fairly big. Would a cleaning company be able to get it off as the carpets only two years old ?
  25. Hi all, ive got bits of white window sealant on my brown carpet lol. Is there anything that will get this off ? I was going to cut it with the scissors but think you will notice it more.
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