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  1. Nice to see the plumage like that in winter... But the pics I put Up of mine above is how most look in the UK... I don't spot these to make such comments ..!... I keep breed and hunt them ;-)
  2. I only hunt my birds for there food and there food only... If we go out and they get out flown then so be it.. ---------- Post added 29-12-2012 at 13:12 ---------- Interesting that beck... Never seen a blue one on all my life.. Bit to he's of orange mine have in the right light...yea male's will do all the catching when the females laid on eggs so he has to be able to catch some pretty big stuff to feed the pair of them and then the young once hatched... The suffer from little man syndrome and have a wicked temper which gets them there kills.
  3. How tall would you say it was and ill try help you out .
  4. Wrong I've hunted sparrow hawks since I was 10...the male will easily take pigeon and this is one of my male's Oh and what colour are they..? I'm not saying it was a male.. That the OP is talking about I'm just saying it could have been either as both will hunt pigeon if available.
  5. No problem ... They will both take magpie and pigeon and much smaller stuff with ease.
  6. Could also be a musket (male sparrow hawk )... I've hunted both.
  7. I own a focus Rs and I'm on parson cross... Will keep a look out but the advert to me seems a little poor..!.. If my car was stolen it would have had a proper description and a MY contact details ! Anyhow really hope you get it back.
  8. No yet I'm afraid... Thank you for your kind words.
  9. Thank you so much.. My friend who really ill who's bird It is... Is so sad.
  10. Not really mate has she's a imprint bird... If I don't find her as the days go by and she get more hungry she will have no choice but to fly to the nearest human for food.
  11. Not seen nothing yet... I'm out Looking now as I have a better chance because there nocturnal (sp)
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