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  1. If you feel ill from it, don't drink! It's not important to do so!
  2. I totally agree with this and would do the same, but a lot of people dont.
  3. Diss? erm no. Ok. I think you have totally got the wrong end of the stick, and will leave you to it!
  4. Earth. I am not saying that, I am saying what are people going to do with their money if they have no one to leave it to? As in their own.
  5. Wouldn't you want to leave it to your own children though? Is it your choice not to have children? I know someone that has a lot of money, never spends a penny, and is extremely tight with money. He has no children, and will never have children. What will he do with his money! He doesnt even spend it on himself!
  6. Title should say "childless families...What ARE THEY going to do with their pot of gold!" Please change Mods. Thanks.
  7. Just been speaking to a work colleague about not being able to have children. I really feel for this lady. It got me thinking about the other women in my office, and there are several women who have no children for whatever reasons. All these women have got lovely big houses, and a lot of money. Who would they leave this to? A few women no not have children by choice. Do they regret it?
  8. CALM DOWN. DO NOT CAPITAL LOCK ME. You clearly do not like that fact Muslims invented something you are addicted to. Tell me, where does the word Alcohol come from? Is it a Christian word? Just because Jesus (apparently) turn water to wine (evidence)? Doesn't mean it's true.
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-Razi Calm down.
  10. We should blame the Muslims for it! They invented it!
  11. I look back, and blame all my mistakes on the drink!! Also costs me a flip fortune! I think I might just stop!
  12. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but it seems peoples lifes revolve around alochol in everything they do! You want something to eat? Alochol? Socalising? Alochol... Staying in watching tv? Alochol? After work.. pint.. Is this all we do? This this what we are now just known for?! I see so many girls cheating when alcohol is involved! Is this the Devils work?
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