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  1. Doreen Edley is my auntie. I lived in greaves street till i was about 7years old my mum was gloria milner who was Colin Edleys sister
  2. Does anyone remember CROFT ROAD and FALLON ROAD in STANNINGTON:wave:
  3. The shop closed about 1955 .The shop was in greaves street were we lived was in bradley place. the people next door were called swan i new stella swan
  4. i used to live at the corner of bradley place and greaves street. we used to live at the shop at the corner of bradley place it was owned by Mrs Sharpe
  5. anyone remember stannington in the sixties . Can you remember the youth clubs on underbank and knowle top
  6. were is guy working now he used to work in beighton and the shaky on shalesmoor
  7. i lived at number 20 in a flat then moved to number 15
  8. does anyone remember croft road stannington. i lived there from 1953-1970
  9. does anyone know how to uninstall office 20032 with error 1402. I have tried reg cleaners but that does not work:help:
  10. anyone remember the brown cow on mowbray st early eightys:
  11. anyone remember THE SAPHIRES about 1960/65
  12. i knew a fred west who lived on shenstone road
  13. i moved from greaves st to stannington in 1953 i lived on croft rd near dysons field my dad worked at dysons and my local was the peacock
  14. yes i remember stella swan they lived next door and the used to put on a pantomine in the back yard
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