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  1. And if you think housing a few to ease your conscience is acceptable then your moral compass is very easily confused. Now we have conquered Afghanistan then why not offer to repatriate the beleaguered Syrian victims to a sanctuary over there.
  2. Clegg is a deputy prime minister of a party in government - If he were serious or had any credibility then it would make sure it was done and not simply pass an opinion which these days is invariably that of "Im Shocked" - Hes lucky to be shocked - i cant afford the lecky
  3. OOOh - well i dont approve of underage marriage / arranged marriage - i dont approve of enforced female circumcission / I dont approve of killing in the name of offended deieties / Im not too keen the interventions in the established education system (to accommodate non english speakers or non C of E )i was brought up with in my school years and i think thats enough isms for you to throw at me for now. It used to be called a way of life in the 6o,s - there were no isms because we hadnt imported them. On a good note though the Nottinghill carnival is a hoot
  4. so what - some of my best friends are racist and some races (;argely because of their cultural activities) deserve to be discriminated against. There are a fair number of incumbent with which i do not wish to integrate thanks and as the positions are integrate or be tagged as racist then racist is a pretty broad term but moving on....... Anyone else concerned about Nicks heart rate and stress level ? He was in shock at the extent of the Hillsborough cover up, In shock at Nigel Farage position and now in shock at Julie Dore. Perhaps he could shock the rest of us by doing something constructive as opposed to saying it.
  5. Sorry just quoting a star headline as my anorak went to oxfam shop.
  6. What about re naming as a reflective on how a city a bit nearer home is run or dheffield to be precise - Perhaps call it tram penny lane as a reminder of the purchase price to stage coach as per retailed from the glorious council. Blunkett plonker lane money pit lane in commemmoration of the highly sought after world student games. Just dont call it commemaration lane as my christmas cards wont make it.
  7. The ruling yesterday re the historic black cab racist might be the first kick up the behind the cops have needed for a very long time. Compensation for failing to investigate to adequate standard - only relevant to violent crime as i understand it but great oaks and all that. Unfortunately the best investigations are now carried out by the people involved - ask Doreen Lawrence or Janet Alder. If as the OP seems to believe......... there were cars racing then they only need to look at what happened to the lady on Lyminster Rd............. one wonders if these cretins had been reported prior to causing the fatality and the cops not bothered until the fatality occured.
  8. If any of you bump into John Mellor assuming he is still with us then badger him into writing the story of George MBele and Liz Birkby - its a story that needs to be told and should not be allowed to die with the cast.
  9. Well said and from personal experience i can state that the corruption is as bad as it ever was and the cover up culture is alive and well. The 2 issues you raise are purportedly being considered by IPCC and that should give an indication of the validity of any complaint process.
  10. Yes there was - The chief inspector was advised to keep off the main roads. Radio Sheffield revealed during interview with the chief constable that only 23 percent of the workforce are involved in solving crime so unless you live in Gotham city you are pretty well stuffed. He added that the current workforce were at the peak of their historic integrity being the least dishonest bunch so far but after Orgreave and Hillsborough the bar is set pretty low to achieve that. If you want an acce[table response via any of their complaint process then try riding your bike through the back gate of Downing Street and let the journo,s get involved for they are the true solvers of crime being the complete opposite of cover up.
  11. The last night of the meadow pub was a night that will go down in history
  12. Anyone with an infinite budget and resources who allowed drunken fans in those sorts of numbers so as to be life threatening be that inside or outside the ground isnt very good at policemanship. Its not much of an argument to say its preferable to have party goers die in your living room as opposed to on your garden because you thought it best to open your front door. The mere fact these drunks got anywhere near the venue tells me all i need to know about Duckinfield. Factor this into the preceeding crush incidents with the penning fences then my opinion of him lowers even more. Factor this in with Orgreave and you form a picture that there are certain "types" of crowd which attracted a certain "type" of policeing. Luckily the bent cop at Westminster re the cycling offence has been caught lying about the MP in a somewhat better time scale than the 30 years document release revealing police lies over Orgreave. If you are suirprised at drunken fans then there is a big shock coming your way about Santa Clause.
  13. If you get an individual or an organisation that has no accountability to anyonre other than itself then it can never do anything wrong - anything at all. Did you see the incident where 96 football fans died ? Have you read of the self confessed politicization of the police at Orgreave ? The consequences of the lies and deceit are as follows..................................... Now it seems the original post amounts to a complaint and my prediciton as to the handling of that complaint are as follows............... Just out of intrest - did anyone catch the stats for S Y Police reported rapes being recorded as non crimes aired on BBC radio yesterday ? They may well have a duty of care but you would need to be a millionaire to hold them to account for breaching that duty. It is that mentality which gives rise to campaign groups because if they did an adequate job there would be no need for campaigners. As you resolved the situation yourselves that is probably a resolved incident so chalk yourself a plus on your stats because it has probably gone on theirs as a non incident or solved incident and they will also claim brownie points for answering within a required target time. All in all the stats will show they did an adequate job.
  14. Well i for one will not be renewing my licence unless the spare knighthood which the bbc removed from Jimmy Saville (OBE) has been bestowed on Toby by way of a full apology. If the BBC go bankrupt then they will have plenty of time on their hands to reflect on people power - today Foster re instated - tomorrow the world - If you are reading this Mr BBC exec then be afraid you <REMOVED>
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