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  1. Can anyone advise me how long on a normal non lockdown, normal busy day, how long it would take to drive from Chesterfield to ecclesall Rd for 9 am. And the best route to take. Im looking at buying a property around the Brimington area. If not Chesterfield then maybe High Green, Or maybe even Deep Car. Thanks Tracy
  2. does anyone know of places that need hair models to have a practice on? I was going to 284 hair on Ecclesall Road, but just lately they are keeping me waiting half - to an hour before they start - I get that they will be slower and need to wait for the trainer to be with them - but seriously - an hour before they even start on me- no way!
  3. so nonnas - is it expensive. i need to get some proscuito, but love walking past and always feel it is way too expensive to even peer in the window. probably because it is eccy road! are there any other italian deli's in sheffield?
  4. will try that, and if it works will post the recipe, thanks for that
  5. i think i actually meant Malaysian curry powder, but the paste may well do it as well. it is just malaysian spices as opposed to normal curry powder/paste, which apparently uses different spices. i have a malaysian curry recipe from my holiday in llangkawi to try out - it is very yummy and would love to be able to make it.
  6. does any one know if i can buy malaysian curry spice in Sheffield?
  7. does anyone know where i can buy 'nice' pillow protectors from. by nice i mean when you touch them they don't crunch and sound plastic. i know BHS used to sell them but now they only seem to do the waterproof mattress protector, and Ikea used to do them but again cant see any on there website. is there a reason two main companies have stopped producing them do you think? tracy
  8. wondered how it doesnt disolve, but does he use the chunks i wonder rather than the sapce dust crystall size?
  9. http://www.channel4.com/4food/recipes/chefs/heston-blumenthal/exploding-chocolate-gateau-recipe got it - sounds good ...
  10. 20p per sachet at Granelli's - bargain. how do they afford to keep prices so low - not complianing though. seen somthign on google about heston, but didnt take much notice cos i thought it would be too complicated. would love to hear from you after you have watched it - must remeber to log on tomorrow x
  11. found some @ Granelli's! thanks all - now just need to know how to put it on the cake. im thinking sprilkle on last minute just before serviing?
  12. does any one know where i can buy some popping candy from by tomorrow, and also i want to incporate some into a cake, does anyone know how i can do that? cake i have in mind is lemon drizzle. i have read up on it on google and some peopel say it will disolve in the cake and some people say it wont until it reaches the right heat, which it obvisouly wood in an oven. i have seen it done on come dine with me, but cant remember how they did it! tracy
  13. towards the top end defo better. i would say from the college upwards. check out the cherry Tree as well, great couple run it, and it's going to get a refurb later this year so bare with it. have some great bands on too. x
  14. Still not got mine. when i log in my curent status says awaiting but then dispatch says not yet dispatched. does anyone else's say the same. i think i am going to ask for my money back. i bet they are crap after all this hassle as well.! i am going to write to the head office at O SPA London Head Office Level 33, 25 Canada Square, London, E14 5LQ maybe everyone else should do the same. let me know how you get on! trace x
  15. that's what i got as well. i did email them last week to chase them so i presumed this email was in response to that. i am really annoyed, amd if i didnt want them so badly i would tell them where to get off. this is what it said Expected Delivery Times -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for purchasing your O SPA London Hair Straighteners. The deal has been an overwhelming success and we have sent out a large quantity of our straighteners already. The next batch of deliveries will go out week commencing 15th August, so if you have not received your hair straighteners already, rest assure they will be with you soon. You can track your order online by logging onto http://www.ospalondon.com and go to "My Account" and click "View Orders" button. Select an order to view the status of your order and also the recorded delivery tracking number. We will send you an email when we dispatch your order. Kind regards, O SPA London
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