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  1. Thanks everyone! I've blocked off the area with the cables in but she refuses to chew anything other than cables!
  2. I've recently got a little bunny, Dottie; she's 10 weeks old. I have a few questions if any more experienced bunny owners can help me She doesn't seem to eat her cecotropes (she may do when I'm not there but there seems to always be some in the cage, and I don't want her to get ill from not eating them.) Do they produce more than they need? Does everyone's rabbits eat theirs? She only likes the chew cables, she won't chew any of the chew toys I've got her. I'm wondering if to just give her a cable she is allowed to chew rather than constantly trying to stop her electrocuting herself. Surely it's not good for her chewing cables though? How much food should a bunny her age be eating? She has hay in her cage all the time and I give her the food pellets she was started on, but I'm not sure how much veggies to give her, it seems she'll just eat as much as I give her! Thanks
  3. When I had low pressure I rang Yorkshire Water and they asked me to do a few things, mainly turning the water on and off at the stop tap a few times to make sure air wasn't in the pipes. It wasn't this, so they sent someone out to test the pressure (you don't have to pay for this), they said it was really low and so investigated and as it turned out I had some dirt blocking the pipes, had to get a plumber in to sort it out.
  4. I hate it when the job centre plus website ads don't give the details of the company and you have to ring the job centre to request this because they ask such pointless questions. Job Centre: Do you have the required qualifications for this job? me: The advert doesn't say what qualifications you need. JC: Well do you think you're qualified for it. me: Yes, that's why I want to apply for it. JC: Well what qualifications do you have? me: (list my qualifications) are those the ones I need? JC: I don't know. Erm, well are you an ambitious person who has a lively approach to.... (then continues to read me the entire advert off their website) aaarrrggghhh
  5. At our company you can do anything and not get sacked, as long as you're a good sales person. You can steal from the company, steal from customers, do the job illegally etc. The disciplinary system is a joke as the people conducting it are also in on it. People can get a final written warning and still not get sacked if they do it again. Also, when they manage to sacked someone they get re-hired within a week as they know too mcuh about the people who fired them.
  6. The more we recycle the less waste there will be to run the incinerator. It has to have a certain amount of waste to be able to run. Last year they struggled as they didn't have the amount of waste they had predicted. They seem to be shooting themselves in the foot here! They should have built a materials recovering facility rather than an incinerator.
  7. What's annoying me more at the moment is people not putting headlights on when the sun is low in the sky. You can't see cars coming towards you if the sun is behind them and they don't have their lights on. Oh, it annoys me. Coming to the top of Granville Road, the road was wet and the sun was just over the top of the hill, I saw a woman drive straight into a parked car! I felt sorry for her, the only reason I didn't hit any was because I drive up there so often I know there are cars always parked there. (I'm not recommending leaving your car's lights on when parked btw, just saying cars are hard to see when the sun is behind them!)
  8. I can't draw for toffee Click here to view my house
  9. Well, slurs to that effect! Loved Maximo Park as always
  10. I have a lip stud and one piercing in each ear. I wanted my lip done for ages before I got it. I just like the way it looks, especially on boys
  11. I'm renting at the moment, but I really want my own house. I don't feel like I can do anything to make it personal, I feel like I'm in somebody else's house! Also, every landlord I've ever had has been rubbish. At least if it was my house I could get things sorted quicker! Also, I don't feel secure here because my landlord can throw me out at anytime and only give me a months notice. It's not much time to find somewhere new and then move into it if you work full time.
  12. I have a job interview next week and I've been told after the interview there will be an assessment. I've never had an assessment at interview before (in my current job I had to do a presentation at second interview, but obviously I knew I had to do it so I was fully prepared in advance!) It's quite a high level job so I don't think it'll be a can you work a computer / can you write English type thing. I was just wondering what other people's experiences of assessments were? Thanks!
  13. When I was at uni I'm sure the going rate for them was £8.50 per hour. This annoys me because if they actually cared about the charity, they wouldn't be getting paid to do it. I think they're really rude too. I've had that one that goes "wow you look like a really nice person, what a lovely dress you've got" etc etc as it turns out I refuse to stop to talk to you, so I'm not that nice am I?! Also, what do you take me for, I'm not going to give a random person on the street my bank details!!
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