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  1. Could you supply a spade and some muscle? Do you have some spare time on Sunday 08/05/16 to give us a helping hand? We would like to invite you to our RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre in Attercliffe, where we will be digging some holes for our donated 150ft Fern hedgding. We have a mini digger coming at around 10.00am and we are looking for people who would fancy joining us from around 11.30 for the hole digging. If you can supply a spade, we will supply the cake and refreshments. So come a long for a 'HOLE' lot of fun. Thank you
  2. Hello all, I have not been on here for a while as I have been busy at work and also with family commitments. I would like to inform you of an event tomorrow at the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre in Attercliffe. They are inviting all authors from all over to meet the author, with a visit from Holly Webb Childrens Author being our guest for the day. We have a meet and greet session for all the budding authors out there or even just fans of Holly. The meet and greet will cost just £3.00 per person and we would really like the support of Sheffield authors to attend and show how many authors Sheffield has to offer. The meet and greet session is from 14.00 till 16.00 on March 31st 2016, at RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre, Attercliffe, SHEFFIELD S9 3HN. We do look forward to seeing you there. Thank you
  3. Hello, I am a Volunteer for the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre, and I would like to inform you about an upcoming event that may interest you. If you are at a loose end on the March 31st 2016, between the hours of 10.00 and 13.00 and you want something for the kids to do, why not come and join us down at our Attercliffe branch, and meet the author? We are having a visit from a Childrens Author called Holly Webb. She is kindly donating the whole day to us and is travelling all the way from Reading to be with us. https://rspcasheffield.homeip.net/cgi-bin/displaypage.py?pageid=144 Just use the link to see what is happening on the day and the cost is just £3.00 for the kids and adults that wish to attend with the Children go FREE. All the money raised will go to the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre and we look forward to seeing you there. Thanks for your time.
  4. Hello again smithy 266, if I had a license, I could have took your erm.... Morgan for you, that way you could have shown your car and had a relaxing time away. Thanks anyway for the response. ---------- Post added 02-03-2016 at 16:55 ---------- Does anyone have an old classic car that they would love to show at our Easter Market Event. The date for this Market is the 19th March 2016 at Stadium Way, Sheffield. The event starts at 10.30 and finishes at 3.00 and we can accommodate 3 Cars along side a Vintage bus that will be there from the South Yorkshire Transport Museum. I will need to know how many people are interested, no later than Saturday 05/03/2016 please. Thank you.
  5. Sorry Smithy 266. The date for this event is 19th March 2016
  6. Hello, I would like to invite any classic car owners to our event at the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre at Stadium Way in Attercliffe S9. The event is our Easter Market and we are looking for a Maximum of 3 Classic cars and maybe 2 Classic bikes to display their vehicles along side a Vintage bus in our Car Park at the centre. The time for this event will be from 10.30 until 15.00, we would like to invite you to stay for the full event, but we understand how precious your vehicles and your time is. If you would like to attend this event, please PM me with your details so that I can book you in for the day. This is a first come first serve basis and I cannot guarantee more than three cars and 2 motorbikes. Should you need any further details, feel free to contact me. Thank you. The date for this event would be a great deal of help (Sorry Smithy266) The event is 19th March 2016.
  7. Thank you both for the comments, I tried to post a photograph but it would not let me do it for some reason. http://www.goodshomedesign.com/portable-pop-up-tent-camping-beach-toilet-shower-changing-room-outdoor/ This is the same pop up tent that I have only mine is in camouflage colour.
  8. Hello Jon, I too had a Vauxhall Viva, and I loved that car until the back end fell off. Long story short, when they were doing the road works on Heeley Bridge and we had that raised hump bit, I went over the ridge a little too fast and the leaf springs met the rear bumper. Best day of my life hearing that amazing snapping sound of metal. Not like now, where you only hear the tiny impact of plastics and fibre glass. Is there a Vauxhall Viva club?
  9. Hello, I am looking for anyone who may have a running and show worthy Vauxhall Viva that would like to display their car, possibly next to a spanking brand new model Vauxhall Viva. The event is at the RSPCA SHEFFIELD ANIMAL CENTRE, Attercliffe S9, on March 19th 2016. If anyone has a Vauxhall Viva, and they would like to find out more details, please PM me. Thanks
  10. Sheffield Freecycle might be an option.
  11. Hello, not been on the photography group for a while. In answer to your question, I have used the Canon 55-250IS on my Canon 1200D body and have to say I am impressed. The image stabilization is a great tool and since I changed from my Sigma lens, this has been one of my favourites in my kit bag. There is nothing wrong with the Tamron 70-300LD Macro, and that would be useful for the close up images. I would suggest that you try a local dealer to see if they have the Canon lens and try it out for yourself, what suits one person, may not necessarily suit someone else, each individual taste is not right or wrong. Try Harrisons on London Road, and compare the two friend.
  12. Passenger ratio is the answer to this question. A typical single deck bus can carry around 60 passengers, whilst a double deck can carry 72, therefore the double decker takes longer to fill than a single deck. If you have two single decker buses running together, one would get full and the other would be running with a minimum amount of passengers 12+, therefore it makes more ethical logic to run a bus with a higher carrying capacity, rather than running two, that causes more cost to the company (higher bus fares are then considered to pay for the extra bus) and it causes higher congestion because you are running two buses at 38ft long rather than one at 38ft long.
  13. On some of the routes, the buses are tendered, which means that the council pays x amount of money to the bus companies to have the buses running on schedule and to maintain a fluent service throughout. If the tendered services become at fault, the bus company can get a hefty fine or at least no payment for that particular run. The bus services that are 'sorry not in service' are sent to a different time point, because the driver maybe coming off the bus to exchange for the next driver. The driver may be 'out of hours' driving, which means that the driver can no longer continue on the bus, otherwise he/she will be out of regulated driving hours, this is against the law and both bus company and driver will face hefty significant fines. The driver may even receive points on their license for this. It is all very confusing, but makes sense. I understand peoples frustration and have also been in a situation where that annoying 'sorry not in service' bus has driven past me and thought, why?
  14. Hello to one and all, I am looking for a little advice please. I am a keen photographer and do a lot of wildlife photography and my wife has bought me a hide/pop up tent for Christmas to help with my wildlife photography. What I am needing to know is, does this hide/pop up tent class as a pitched tent, or is it classed a temporary shelter and is there any regulations that I need to follow or permissions that I need to apply for before taking this out on location? It does have four ground pins, but no guide ropes. It stands at 7ft tall and holds one single person, tripod and camera. There is no ground sheet and the tent is camouflaged on the outside. Thanks for reading this and indeed for any replies.
  15. Hello all, I am an ex bus driver and to answer your question, most daytime bus services do not return to the depot as the bus is capable to stay out for the majority of the day on one single tank of diesel. A bus that is not in service, could be running like that for several reasons, lateness, accident or bus change due to breakdown. If a bus is running 15 minutes late, an adjustment can be made as long as the control room agree with the adjustment. The buses can only run on certain roads due to size, weight and height, so most of the drivers will run on the intended route, but not to rub any passengers noses in it, just to make sure that the journey to the time point they have been adjusted to is a safe one. The drivers are not responsible for the amount of traffic they meet on a daily basis and during the festive period, obviously the traffic increases. Yes, this situation is annoying and the drivers do their best to make sure that they can keep the buses in service and not to cause disruption to any intending passengers. Hope this helps.
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