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  1. we used to eat the rhubarb sticks with sugar as well in the 70s/80s and there is nothing wrong with the pork sandwhiches from beres we always have them.
  2. Hi i am asking this for my 17 yr old son because he is not on sheffield forum. He has been working for the kier for the last 6months and he was really enjoying doing what it was he was doing. He was going round with the gardening lot on a traineeship but now some of the kier have lost the contract for the council. He is a hard working lad and never had a day of sick even when he had a bad flu or cold he still went to work.But today is his last day with them so i am trying to find out if there is any gardening companys out there that are willing to take on a apprentice or trainee and he is willing to learn other things as well as just gardening he will be 18 in a couple of weeks. I have put this on here because i was told not to write it on the jobs part. Thanks please if anyone can help me plz pm me thanks.
  3. look on job centre plus website or sheffield jobs some on there
  4. my son is on the dole and he,s 22yrs old been on since he was 18yrs old he as no GCSE,s so cant get a job but god knows hes trying so hard hes sent cv,s all over to places hes willing to do owt now but nobody is willing to give him a go.Because no gcse,s in english and maths but i will tell you this he dose,nt waste all his money on Cannabis or drugs he,s not that kind of lad.
  5. yes i said that to my husband that it was a waste of time and money so stupid.
  6. nobody mentioned the cross im from the cross and been living on here since i was 11yrs old and 48yrs old next never had any problems on here so we are not all the same what live on the cross and not all the areas on the cross are the same as well.
  7. I can tell you my mate put on her face book last nite that her grandsons mate had won the euro millions and he his only a young lad not sure how old he is and he lives in sheffield i think its shiregreen some were.
  8. no post since thursday in s5 at all
  9. thanks everyone but was told this afternoon that they are both home safe and sound dont know any details or owt as yet.
  10. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151282956270814&set=a.10150791741420814.392328.520130813&type=1&t heater this is the link for it.
  11. not sure will try and put the pics on if i can of them
  12. shared this from facebook its for a lad whos mum and brother are missing last seen in foxhill.Eveyone please like and share this my mum and brother went missing today at around about half 4 if you see him please let me know asap please im begging you!!!!
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