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  1. Yes, sort of. I was adopted from that very agency but can't tell you anything else.
  2. Did anyone go to Frecheville Comprehensive School in the eighties? If so, would love to hear stories and see pictures if you have any. I would love some photos of the school even if it wasn't exactly the seat of great learning.....!
  3. I'll widen your list to include some of the bands that I remember from the late 80s - Marlowe Tesha Kenzie (travelled to London with my mate in the back of a van to see them in Dingwalls, Camden thus taking our lives into our hands!) Cosa Nostra The Reptile House Edge of Faith There's probably more that have completely slipped from my mind due to the passage of time. Apart from several members of The Reptile House (one of which knows an ex-Tesha Kenzie member) I wonder what happened to these bands and their members?...
  4. What about the pie and chip shop next door to The Limit managed by a guy called Phil I think from Middlesborough? I used to pop out all the time mid-way through the night for a quick pier and chips before going back in again, for some reason The Limit always gave me the munchies!!! I remember several members of The Mission in there one night at the height of their 'fame' and one goth girl getting really friendly with Wayne Hussey. About 4 years later I was coming round from anaesthetic in a Sheffield operating theatre's recovery room and she was the nurse stroking my head and asking if I was all right - totally bizarre!!
  5. Anyone remember a club called Sex II that was upstairs behind a trendy nightclub on the road behind Debenhams (I can't remember Sheffield street names anymore!) opposite what used to be The Anvil cinema? Two guys called Kelvin and Lee (Richmond College students) used to run it and although it was shortlived they took loads of photos on the opening night (1986/87 time) and would beam them around the walls. I would love to see those photos again!.... Anyone remember Kelvin and Lee and/or know where they are now?
  6. I bet I used to bump into you all at some point and mumble incoherently! I seem to remember that everyone used to talk to each other as though we all knew each other really well...I used to park myself in the 'Goth Box' an elevated bit beside the DJ box
  7. Does anyone remember The Limit? - a downstairs nightclub at the bottom of West Street, dingy hole but great night out and incredibly cheap drinks! I used to go all the time between 1986 and 1988.....
  8. I was in my final year at school when the majority of sixth forms closed - 1986. I just remember lots people talking about "Sheffield going tertiary" ..... but no real explanation was given. A few 6th forms did stay open though, I was at Frecheville School which closed in 1987 anyway (merged with Thornbridge to create Birley School). I know Thornbridge had a small sixth form but I ended up going to what was Richmond College to do A levels. Somewhere between 1986 and 1989 all the sixth forms closed.
  9. I remember the Rex well as we lioved just up the road (Hopefield Avenue) and went a lot from the late 70s until it was knocked down. Must go into the Noah's ark when I go back to look at the picture, the Rex was great. I remember the queue going right round the cinema for Grease. The ashtrays were still in use up to a point and you could buy separately priced tickets for the stalls or balcony. Goold ol' days - remember Marshalls 'supermarket' next door?
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