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  1. People weren't starving when Ian Smith was running the show. Of course, people like yourself wanted him out, then wanted his replacement Bishop Muzorewa replacing with Mugabe. Had someone like Smith or Muzorewa been in charge today, Zimbabweans wouldn't be starving en masse or being wiped out with cholera.
  2. Isn't it those who have LOVE HATE tattooed on their knuckles who make up 50% of the prison population? Or have you spent time inside?
  3. We've simply run out of jail space and nobody wants a jail in their own back yard. Besides, they might think our jails are too soft.
  4. She should not be able to get away with that. And not just because she's Jewish. She should have gone to prison simply for what she did. And lastly the UK DOES have an extradition treaty with Israel.
  5. So I take it your answer is more playstations and Sky Sports for the poor mites, and should anyone have the temerity to come up with something that would be guaranteed to solve a problem, they're twisted.
  6. We can hardly escape a growing dilemna of a growing prison population coupled with a shortage of suitable building land for prisons. Any project to build a prison in any neighbourhood in this country is hotly contested at public inquiries. People want to live close to good amenities, good schools and good hospitals, but they don't want to live close to a prison. Nor do they like the fact that to lock up each prisoner costs an average of £30,000 to £40,000 per year depending on the source, and the widespread belief that 'prisons are too cushy' and that 'far from being cured of their criminal ways, they learn how to carry out their crimes better', and that 'being jailed or doing community service or getting an ASBO has become a badge of pride and gets them looked up to in the bent community they inhabit'. So what is the answer? I saw a piece that is almost seven years old suggesting that they ought to get sent to overseas prisons - that it would be cheaper, and provide a source of income for Third World countries by outsourcing our offenders to these countries. Now it is doubtful that the typical yob would fancy life in a Nigerian, Tanzanian, Mexican, Chinese or Indian prison. And he might well think twice about beating up an innocent bystander if he thought it would get him slated for a stay in the Bangkok Hilton (and we're not talking about hotels here). Each week would seem like a year in such a place. There'd be no such things as playstations for convicts languishing in Lagos or LCD televisions for those in Lusaka. There'd be no visits from the rest of the good-for-nothings they hang around with (or at least used to hang around with) or from family. The guards would take no crap. Riots would be crushed without mercy, because you don't mess around with a snarling dog looking daggers at you or a pump action shotgun pointing at you. They'd have to eat what they're given, however inedible it looked. And at the end of their sentence, it is pretty doubtful they'd want another helping of the same. All this achieved for a fraction of the cost of keeping them here. So is it time to alleviate our crime and prison problems by outsourcing?
  7. Here's a line from an article in the Spectator dated 27th July 2002: It now costs about £20,000 a year to keep a prisoner in a British jail. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3724/is_/ai_n9115674 So, almost seven years on, what will that figure be now? A good £30,000 a year I would say. And more for dangerous and violent inmates. And the suggestions in that article would curdle the blood of every bleeding-heart liberal.
  8. He's in prison for over two years, but could be out this time next year. How much do you think it costs to keep each prisoner locked up for one year? Far more than what the vast majority of us earn in a year. Each prisoner is a massive drain on resources and a deflection of money that could have been better spent elsewhere, not to mention the heartache caused to the victims of their crimes. But then again, criminals are too damned insensitive to think about that, because their criminal minds won't allow them.
  9. It's doubtful that your I.Q. has even reached the temperature of the inside of our freezer yet.
  10. I would say that the families and friends of those murdered in the Luxor, 911, Bali, Beslan, London, Madrid, Mumbai, Lockerbie, USS Cole, the US Embassy bombings, those Israeli athletes murdered in Munich and those Israelis murdered over the last 60 years simply for not being Muslims have every right to have issues with Islam.
  11. Please tell me what race Islam is. If I converted to Islam, would my race change? I'd still look the same, although after a few years of banging the head on the mosque floor, the old I.Q. might drop 60 points or so.
  12. We all know that 72 virgins is a fallacy and a deliberate mistranslation error from Syriac to Arabic. So go out and tell every cleric, imam and ayatollah that it is a fallacy - especially those who call for the slaughter of infidels. Tell them that all that awaits suicide bombers and those who murder innocent infidels - and I say innocent infidels because Muslims don't see infidels as innocent, that all you get is 72 white raisins if you die in the act of waging war against the infidel. And lets see where it gets you.
  13. Tough then. You'd better get used to it. Of course, it is me you're having a go at and not criminals. It says plenty about you.
  14. That is being constructive. And why? Have you been to jail as well? And personally, ther should be no visits from family and friends whatsoever. That should be part of the punishment, and that is how drugs and the like get smuggled into prison.
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