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  1. Steve was a top guy. Missed by many. RIP Sheffield legend
  2. The supplier is British Gas. It’s a pay as you go metre. I phoned them up 2days ago About changing my old tenants name into the new one.. nothing was asked about if the meter is broken.. so I’m presuming from there end it all seems fine and there is no debt. So I think what I’m going to do tell the tenant to ring them up put her name down as the new tenant and tell them the pay as you go meter box is faulty. And hope for the best. The bills are all in the tenants name, Water, gas, electricity, council, tax...
  3. That what I’m scared of. 🤦🏼‍♂️ 6 years of electricity. I do want to tell them.
  4. So Iv had a house rented out for 6 year and the electric meter is a pay as you go one that is broken. It’s been like it for as long as Iv had it. And never had to pay for electric. When I 1st noticed it 6year ago I had it checked out by an electrician. And I was told it was a faulty box/meter. Nothing has been tampered with to by pass it. So Iv just left it with the tenant who has now moved out. Has any one had this or seen this before ? And what should I do ?
  5. Steel city gym. S9 area, brilliant gym open for keep fitters. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 5-7. It has 2x boxing rings punch bags. Skipping area. Weights and treadmill area. Highly recommend
  6. Yes please let's go for a coffee? And discuss what could be possible ?
  7. Our local community boxing club steel city ABC has been forced to move premises! That's going to cost thousands to make the new premises suitable for the local kids/teenagers/adults train in a clean safe environment. It is self funded and all voluntary work by our coach/coaches. If any1 would be generous to donate any money or sponsor the gym.. Company.. Anything.... Plz do come and get involve and help the community.
  8. Does any1 remember my grandad Ken jenkins he went to carbrook CE school in 1961 ---------- Post added 12-03-2015 at 20:11 ---------- I think john bower was in my grandads class. Keneth jenkins. Does that name ring a bell ? I'm going to my grandad this tomorrow. ---------- Post added 12-03-2015 at 20:20 ---------- Hi curt Neil jenkins is my uncle. Also his brother Ken jenkins is my grandad. Do you see any of them ?
  9. Yeah thanks I am really busy ATM training Iv got a fight at pondsforge in 2 week. And not all that good with computers ha ha.. I get some 1 who "thinks" they know what there doing. So looks like I'm going to find some one a bit better than my previous designer. ---------- Post added 30-03-2013 at 07:55 ---------- Failing that, the number one way to increase your profile as a boxer, get involved in some aggressive name calling online by starting a twitter war with another boxer who's got a shed load of followers already. It's free, it's easy and extremely effective. To prove it, https://twitter.com/MikeTyson - Go here and let Mike Tyson know just what an epic fail you think he is. Then brace yourself I like it ???. I think I might have to consider it ??
  10. http://Www.scottjenkins.co.uk I wanting advise and help how to make it better and help raise my profile. Thanks.
  11. Maybe if you when out and enjoyed your self with out begging looking for love you'd find it... It all comes when your not expecting it. ??
  12. Scott jenkins and Adam etches have nearly sold out the pondsforge leisure centre for there up and coming fights on the April 13th. There limited amount of £30 still available. Theres 8 top fights of local talent on the night contact 07946110773. Make a night of boxing them town. Banter blood beer will be a top night.
  13. Local lads boxing at ponds forge leisure centre. April 13th Saturday night. Main event is Adam etches fighting for IBF youth title. With Scott jenkins as support fight. There 8 fights altogether. Tickets are £30 only a few left. Going to be a packed out event. Great atmosphere. Contact Scott on 07946110773
  14. There's boxing event April 13th at ponds forge. Scott jenkins and Adam etches both from around the s12 area. Tickets are £30. 8 fights happening.
  15. Grant smith 07973839713 Fully recommend him. Quality reliable fair priced. ---------- Post added 26-03-2013 at 08:03 ---------- http://Www.grantsmithkitchens.co.uk
  16. for a top quality new kitchen go on http://www.grantsmithkitchens.co.uk
  17. how would i do this? i have just been told about sheffield fourm and that what im trying to do.. what eles could i do ?
  18. it not easey at all is it.. the work must start coming in again surley
  19. i have some land on a busey housing area in sheffield and i have planning to build a gym for the community, i know that you can get a funding for these types of thinks? am i right? could i get funding to help me build the gym? to kit the gym out? i just could do with as much help has i could.
  20. hi im a kitchen fitter and been so for the last 10 year. i have loads of work from word of mouth but it getting less n less whats else could i do ?
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