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  1. We keep doing that from 4am till 11pm on & off. Not having noluck at all. ---------- Post added 02-07-2017 at 18:42 ---------- We've got her bk. My husband found her at 10.30 last night in some deep bushes very frightened & scared. She meowed to him shouting her. She's got a couple of ticks im struggling toget off as she's jumpy. But shes off to vets to get chipped tomorrow so if not done it I will ask them to help. Im just so relieved & happy my baby is bk
  2. We went this morning & left our details in case she turns up. We have now put posters up, rang all vets within a 3mile radius and they have took her details & we have got her bedding hanging out as the vet says she will be able to smell that within 2 miles. We have called the council has well. The vet says there's nothing else we can do now
  3. Iv got her on 3 Facebook sites, cat protection lost site, rspca lost site, we rang all local vets to give details. We been going out all day looking. Cat litter outside. If not bk tonight then posters will be going up tomo. We have had her brother chipped today in case he gets out to find her as there very close & he's struggling with settling without her.
  4. my little girl cat Pagan has got out of the house. we have just moved in to a new home (3wk ago) & iv kept her in but she got out of the front door last night. she is a 2yr old moggy that is grey & white, smallish but stocky, she isnt chipped as she never went off the garden in our other home so we didnt get her done, i had the intention to get her chipped before we let her out. she is spayed. she has an aztec fabric collar on with a leather effect pink bow on. no tag. she responds to her name. she went missing from s14 the bottom side near Healy medical centre. im lost without her I just need her home with me, could people please look out for her. iv put the litter tray outside, we been walking the streets shouting her, iv put her on the lost & found sites. cat protection have told us not to worry as 3wk is enough for her to find her way home but she always comes scratching at the door early morning if she goes out at night (in our old home) if anyone finds her could they please let me know. she is much loved
  5. We have found 1 that is going to help us. It was important for us to find a rescue place so we knew they would be safe & will b rehomed with checks etc. Heart breaking for us but at least we have the peace of mind knowing they will be safe x
  6. Thank u. We have got them on so many lists & books. Everywhere is full. Fingers crossed we will get help
  7. We have just been given our notice from a private let so are having to go to council. I need help rehoming 6 of my cats. There all neauted/spayed. Has anyone got any helpful No I can ring. Cat protection is full. Need help quick.
  8. I'mhaving a small gathering/party on the 23rd of December for yule at my house, I would love to b able to get a singer who plays the guitar to sing at it. Folk type music if possible. Please let me know if anyone would be willing to do that please. Thank u
  9. Rspca don't seem to know what's important & what's not. Iv had 2 visits from them. The 1st because someone reported us for negligence to our cats... they came out within a wk of the report (that's what theysaid) & they were very gd, checked my cats & was more than happy with our care & love for them.. The 2nd time was about 14 month later.... my husband built a shelter for a couple of our cats has they won't come in at night and i was worried about them in the cold. Very cozy with bedding and it is waterproof etc... The rspca came out due to a report someone had made that wk about us being cruel to our pet rabbits (we have never had any rabbits) looked at the shelter and again was impressed that we loved our cats that much to think about them being in the cold. Again praised us and apologised?, turned out that some idiots even though we keep ourselves to ourselves had a gripe with us. With the rspca & police they found out who & got a warning. So it seems that rspca hurry on some reports & not on others.
  10. Can anyone tell me how much it cost at a public phone box to call a 0845 number please
  11. Does anyone know if you can get the game clash of the clans on an xperia e1? Iv not got the phone yet but im just wondering has that the only reason im getting a cheapish phone has there's isn't compatible for the game. Can anyone help
  12. May I say blessed be to all Pagans on this Samain day... while the veil is at its thinnest may our passed over love ones return to us for the sabat..... welcome my grandchildren who was born over the past yr... may everyone have a wonderfull Samhain & blessing to you all....
  13. I agree. Has a druid god is a goddess and mother nature is all around. In every leaf, every petal of every flower and so on....
  14. I always used frontline on all my cats but it stopped working, I now use advantage after having it recommended. You use it the same every 4wk. It works for ours an think its very gd. Cheaper has well. Try petsupermarket online.
  15. Hi all... has anyone any idea how much it will cost to fill a corsa 1.2 tank? Thank you in advance
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