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  1. A good place to start might be http://www.fool.co.uk/ It is a free website which offers comparisons of a wide range of financial products - also tells you which are the bad guys regarding bank charges etc and how to avoid incurring them. hope this helps - I've been using it for guidance for a couple of years - give you the pros and cons of almost everything financial (usually with some recommendations)
  2. Does anyone know or attend Wing Chun classes in Sheffield? Im interested in learning so if you have any info Id be grateful. Thanks!
  3. RaYmond Hall originally had a shop near the bottom of Staniforth Road in Attercliffe. He moved to Darnall at a later date. The Herbalist is not associated with Halls. I believe that some on called or related to the Bullimore family owned the herbalist. I remember my monther buying concentrated ginger cordial from that shop. Sandra ex Attercliffe
  4. Thanks Tots! The info was much appreciated. I'll look into that. xXx:thumbsup:
  5. It's been a long while since I last exercised and have finally decided I want to get fit and return my body to it's former glory. However I've only just moved to Sheffield and cant seem to find any exercise classes other than at the big posh gyms they have around which is way too expensive! Does anyone know of any good ones in or around the Gleadless area? Thanks for your time!!
  6. Hi! Im new to Sheffield and was wondering if there are any kickboxing classes near where I live. I live in Gleadless. I would be grateful to anyone who can give me any info please!! Thanks!!
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