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  1. Tennis or badminton would deffo give you a game. I've pm'd you with regards.
  2. I've been in Yesterday evening and today at around 19.00. I can honestly say that it was pretty dead. Whenever I have been in over the weekend its not been that busy. I could quite easily complete my routine without waiting for any equipment.
  3. Will have to be half 6, any good? Might be able to stay a little later than yesterday mind.
  4. I am actually free for a game tonight if anybody fancies it?
  5. I think we'll have to wait and see what peoples interests are once Wimbledon is out of the way before we think about a club TopDog your welcome to come down and play with us. It's a mixed abilities session anyway so I'm sure you'll fit in. If you once played for a club I'm sure your a hell lot better than me!
  6. Hey up Steve. I think it's weather pending tonight I'll pm you my mobile number and I you wanna drop me a line I'll let you know closer to 6 whether it's on. If not we'll be doing Thursday.
  7. Hi Steve, We had a knock around yesterday as much as weather would permit. We've arranged to have a meet on Tuesday from half 6. Come down for a game. Anybody else is welcome also, just leave a post.
  8. I think what would be best is if we all have a meet somewhere such as a park and have a kick around so we can see what sort of numbers turn up. After maybe look at booking a pitch somewhere, how does that sound? I can't see anybody pitching in £50 for people not to turn up, which does happen! Whats the best evening / day for everyone? I work until half 5 Monday to Friday, so any evening from 6 on wards could be ok for me.
  9. Sounds like we could be having a little bit of a get together then, weather pending I would be up for Tuesday or Thursday next week also. Only problem with Saturdays is the all mighty "Hillsborough Tennis Club" play on a Saturday and they take up all the courts. Had a doo with them last year as they were kicking kids off even though they are PUBLIC courts!!
  10. Alright seems as though me and Wes are having a meetup on Hillsborough tennis courts this Saturday if anyone else is interested? Should be getting down there around 14.30 ish so let us know. More the merrier I'd say as a mix of abilities is always a good thing. Just pm and let us know if your planning the trip. Cheers
  11. Anybody find a decent club for beginner standard? Would be interested to know. Thanks
  12. Well up for it mate. Got two left feet so this should be good for my ego Use to be a keeper so let me know if anything gets going.
  13. Hey all, Did any of you guys manage to get a game together? I'd be up for a game of tennis. Sheff laser? Wezthestar? Anybody fancy it this weekend? Singles or doubles. Cheers
  14. Hey up Stevie, Just messaged David, deffo on for Monday night. Looks like I'll be seeing you guys down there. Be good to get back into it
  15. Hey Up, I am/was/can be a keeper if needed 22 not played for a while but sounds like a good idea. If needed let me know, well up for it. Cheers Danny
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