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  1. Rehome or Sale? Sale Reason for Rehome / Sale. House move Sale Amount £3 each Location - dronfield Type of bird to Rehome / Sell - male and female zebra finches. Various colours. With or Without Cage? - without cage, although I do have some double breeding cages for sale. Is the bird hand tame - no Age & Sex - All this year's young. Male and female for sale. Colour - various. Live in / out - have been in an outside aviary. Any Current or Historical Health Issues - all healthy young birds. Temperament - these are all aviary bred birds. No issues with birds being together. Any special knowledge needed - knowledge of keeping zebra finch, however I will be more than happy to support with any questions. These are good birds for beginners. General Information you can share - zebra finches are lovely small birds and are a great start in keeping birds. I have kept them for a few years now and they are great for children. Any questions please feel free to ask. Many thanks
  2. aldi have some good ones in at the moment. I have bought in past and they have done as good as any more expensive ones. ferndale has some good trees in but new leaf which is on same road as ferndale are much better for plants. wards isn't bad either.
  3. both good. would say graves park is marginally better for wheelchair as slightly flatter site.
  4. Hiya, Easter eggers are not a breed of chicken, but essentially a mix of breeds which will lay a coloured egg (generally green/blue). In my opinion if you wanted blue/green eggs you would be better off with araucana or cream legbar. Have a look on preloved for birds, but make sure you check before you buy as they may be older than you think! I have some white silkies, but just waiting on someone who says they will have them (although haven't got back to me yet), if not I can PM you. Thanks Steve
  5. Agree with chez, pekins are cute but no good for eggs! I would keep a few good layers, either hybrids or pure breeds such as cream legbar, welsummer, leghorn, light sussex or rhode island red (there are others!!). Hybrids such as warrens, whitestar or bluebelles are good too. graves park farm has young birds for sale or check pre loved. Be careful though as there are many people who will sell older birds as younger. You ideally want them about 18 weeksish. check out all the kit you need first though
  6. I had an allotment at clifton for 4 years and didnt have any issues at all. Good site in my opinion.
  7. Still there, great for young kids. Free to get in and 40p per hour to park....a very good deal in my opinion!
  8. Ferndale garden centre in coal aston has a few types of dried chillis from south devon chilli farm.
  9. Hi all, Heads up, just been to Ferndale Garden centre in Coal Aston. Apple Trees have been reduced to £5 - named varieties, some reduced from £40. I've treat myself to a couple, but plenty left. James Greaves, Scrumptious, Bramley and quite a few others. Steve
  10. dear all, I have a number of coturnix quail for sale. These are the type used for egg laying, but also make very friendly pets! Lay upto 300 eggs per year. Come in various colours. Rehome or Sale? Sale Reason for Rehome / Sale - Because I always get carried away and hatch too many! Sale Amount - £3 each Location - Dronfield Type of bird to Rehome / Sell - Coturnix Quail With or Without Cage? - Without Is the bird hand tame - No Age & Sex - 4 weeks old, unsexed Colour - Various. Japanese (brown), Texas (White) and tuxedo (Brown and white). Live in / out - In, ready to go out in next week. Any Current or Historical Health Issues - no Temperament - placid! Any special knowledge needed - not particularly. I am more than happy to support throughout and after the sale. General Information you can share - lay upto 300 eggs per year. Excellent little birds. Perfect if you haven't got space for chickens! Thanks Steve
  11. I have lots of quail eggs, both fertile and for eating Mctee. Steve
  12. The only way is to cover it I think. I use corrugated plastic on mine. Well worth the effort! Chuck are great pets, as are quails! Unlike most pets they pay you back with love and food!!!
  13. Audi specially selected oven chips are fab. I grow my own stuff and cook most things from scratch but these are a great standby!
  14. Thanks. Yes I have a fair few different breeds of quail including mountain, Californian, Gambel, coturnix, Chinese painted and snowflake bobwhite. Unfortunately won't be breeding for a month or so now. Nothing will be laying yet unless under light. I would wait until spring (not just saying so because I will have some!!). If anyone has any quaily questions let me know!!! Thanks Steve http://hollytreequail.wordpress.com/
  15. I have to say there aren't too many things I am snobby about in life....but sausages are one of them! Border view farm shop do excellent sausage, well excellent meat in general. Aldis finest herb sausage are great too. I am obsessed with tomato sausage though!
  16. To add to this... don't shoot myself but would love to find someone who sells shot game such as pigeon or pheasants. Would rather do them myself than buy packaged rubbish. Sorry for hijacking!
  17. There are often white fantails at auctions which go much cheaper than private sales. The nearest auctions to us are Highgate (Goldthorpe - Saturday am) or Derby I think. Also try birdtrader. Thanks Steve
  18. Noodle inn, pho or zeugma for me...great places!
  19. Hiya. Have you rehomed yet? Where are you located? I have a large indoor aviary which houses 2 pairs of lovebirds and some quail. Plenty of space. Let me know Steve
  20. Yes I am in Sheffield. Only just started but hopefully it will get better!! Thanks for having a look at it! Steve
  21. Have been making for a while now. Used panko breadcrumbs and oven baked this time and they were great. See my blog below for recipe. Also been making pickled quail eggs which have gone down a storm!! Steve
  22. Another vote for laphroaig!! I love the stuff. Wine - only red for me. Chilean\Argentinean merlot faves. Beer - porters\stout and darkish beers. Found a nice heather beer from Mitchell's last week. Was lovely. I'm a bit of a beer snob though I'm embarrassed to say! Homebrew......blackberry wine and sloe gin! Also river cottage ginger beer. 2 days to make and 4%! Steve
  23. Thanks for that! I have been keeping quail for a while now and there isn't too much information about them. Particularly 'useful' everyday info. Thanks for looking Steve
  24. Hi all I have decided to become a blogging geek! I have kept quail for a few years now and know a few forumers who do too. I have created a blog to give people info on keeping these great little birds! Hope people enjoy reading it. http://Http://hollytreequail.wordpress.com Thanks Steve
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