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  1. Yeh! I remember Walt and his daughter Ann who worked in Purchasing. He was a keen golfer I believe. Remember Bill Lupton? And the Broughtons.
  2. Yes, I remember him. It would have been the 8" mill which along with the 10" mill which was replaced by the Double Duo in the sixties. That was in the Arnold Palmer days.
  3. Hi Circloy I am sure that I must know you with a 'quality' name like that. We rolled tonnes of it in the sheet mill, along with Bulloy, armour plate. Unfortunately Lol B died last year. I still see TW and Frank and many others that are still with us at the directors and senior managers get together every November I am Ron Fletcher, but who are you?
  4. The Post Office was actually up the side of Banners on Shortridge St.
  5. I remember Beall Street. It ran off Britnall Street between Titterton St and Bodmin St.
  6. Yes, I do remember Fred Porteous too. I can't bring to mind Eric Rodgers though.
  7. Welcome to the fold 11plus. I would have been in the Steel Office at that time. When I started in 1951 the Wages Dept was situated next to Hacksaw dept but moved later to an office adjacent to No.1 gate. They were good times. I remember Ron Smith very well. Joan Chippendale worked in Wages but it would be well before your time .
  8. How did you get on with your photography S. I remember that I tried to cultivate an interest.
  9. I'm stumped as to who you are and I normally have a good memory for those years. I remember the deaf girl too but can't remember her name either. She was a brilliant lip reader though. Are you Stephen Eaton? Joined the Police Force, pools winner?????
  10. What a character she was if I remember the right person. She worked in the Steel Warehouse at SBN on Newhall Road for many years.
  11. Forgot to mention that Phil K sadly, also died a few years ago.
  12. I remember Paul Deakin very well and also Ted Harrop. Unfortunately Ted died 3 or 4 years ago.
  13. If you are Betty Gosling, then we were in the same class when you emigrated.
  14. I started at SBN in 1951 and retired from Sanderson Kayser 1995. I started in the Steel Office directly opposite the Engineers.
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