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  1. Tansley, it can be a good car boot. Like any other there's normally quite a few traders. ---------- Post added 09-07-2016 at 21:43 ---------- According to Hillsborough Arena website. Unless there is torrential rain tonight, then tomorrow's car boot (10th July) is ON.
  2. Spoken to someone who is a trader at Hope this morning. Tomorrows car boot has been cancelled. ---------- Post added 09-07-2016 at 11:13 ---------- Rowsley, if it's passed there it will be Tansley. If it's at Rowsley, that is where Bakewell car boot is held when the show ground is being used for something else.
  3. No it's Saville Street instead.
  4. Hillsborough is cancelled due to water logged pitch
  5. As far as I am aware they don't have it anymore, they were too greedy charging £10 to stand and £2 for entry.
  6. Millmoor Junior FC, Grange Park, Droppingwell Road, Kimberworth, Rotherham, Sunday 5th June 8am start.
  7. 7am, they aren't allowed to open the gates until then for some reason.
  8. Sorry it was Oldcoates. There were more walking round than standing about 40/50 cars parked up for buying.
  9. Went Sunday, even in the snow people were standing not very big though, hopefully this weekend will be better.
  10. Hi I am a florist, I sell flowers, plants and shabby chic gifts for your home and garden. I would be interested in having a stall. Thanks Nicola.
  11. It was on yesterday, would say between 20-30 traders (if that). Didn't get there until around 9.30 and it was still busy with buyers. Hope this helps.
  12. I live on the same road the signs are still out, but it is torrential rain here at the minute, it's not looking good ?
  13. Is the Tansley car boot any good on Sunday afternoon?
  14. Yes, it was busy, would easy say between 80-100 stalls. With some great bargains to be had. The rain wasn't really that bad, got there around 6.45, there was a sharp shower that didn't even last 5 minutes and that was it.
  15. Went to New York Car Boot, total waste of time. They are charging too much to stand and to park. One of the stall holders was telling the others about Thorpe Hesley Car Boot, which is on next weekend so to be honest think the one in Rotherham next week will be even worse. Everyone there was complaining, about the costs.
  16. £10 to stand, and £2 to park or free if you are on foot.
  17. Advertised in this weeks Rotherham Record:- Sunday 7th June Millmoor Junior FC Grange Park Droppingwell Road, Kimberworth, Rotherham 8am.
  18. Not as many sellers as normal, think the forecast put them off. Hopefully this Sunday's will be better.
  19. Dinnington Rugby Club opened 10/5, didn't know otherwise would have posted earlier just called on the off chance this morning. Not a bad turn out to say it was the first one of the season.
  20. The next one is scheduled for the 24/5.
  21. I live down the road from cricket club and it's chucking it down.
  22. Car boot at Lady Manners School Bakewell on the following dates, 10th May, 14th June, 12th July, 20th September and 4th October.
  23. Can anyone confirm Bowshaw car boot has started, apparently it started the 12th April.
  24. Page 2, 4th post down on this thread.
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