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  1. Just found out this morning that my elderly neighbour Had a visit around 6pm last night from a " Nurse" who was supposedly collecting for the Doctor + Nurses in the NHS....When told they had no cash in the house said they wanted to see their debit card so they could set up a direct debit.. she /they very pushy, another "nurse" was hovering at the bottom of the path ….. Of course this COULD be legitimate but feels like a scam to me... as we had no callers...anyone else been approached ? Description of the one who came to the door White woman in 30's with blue " NHS style" dress
  2. Right Thanks to all who replied / commented
  3. Hi Thanks...….. I presume it must be registered somewhere as accident damaged, I think I would avoid a car that had been in a crash when I could choose one that hadn't at the same price.
  4. My Partner had a car accident last month , where the other Driver involved admitted it was there fault entirely The Repair to our car was authorised within 1 1/2 hours by her insurance company which was Good However now the car is back with us (It took two attempts to get it right!) I believe surely ? that we are entitled to compensation, because clearly to me the car is now devalued To test the water I took it to a dealer to part exchange against another car...….. there reaction being didn't want it or would only give a low trade value as they would have to "trade it on" "Her insurance" say that now the car has been repaired it had the same value as it had before the accident ..is this a "try on" on there part ? would welcome comments from anyone who has been in the same position. Thanks!!
  5. Thank you suzyoo + nikki-red ….Love to know why most people called it the silver slipper though!?
  6. Hello..Thanks for that....I take it the silver slipper was just what the locals called it as I can't find it listed on the Sheffield history pub name pages.Thanks..
  7. Hi don't know if this will be any use you, but I do remember when "Rav" was wanting to retire he was informed that he didn't qualify for a uk pension + they told him to apply for one back home in Italy despite the fact that he had lived the majority of his life/paid taxes here in the uk … Anyway probably more of interest to you is I think the Sheffield star covered this story..... I'm not 100% certain but I think there was a picture along with the article of "Rav " stood outside the frontage of the garage Think this was 1981 to 1983 ish but not sure.. Good luck!
  8. Can anybody recall a pub, apparently on Cemetery road Sheffield Called the " The Glass Slipper" This wasn't the actual name of the public house but what everyone called it I'm told it had a female landlord + reputation for serving "after hours" + was popular with "the boys in blue" for a pint after their late shift ended (allegedly)! If so what was the pubs proper name + whereabouts on Cemetery Rd was it ? Thanks! (on behalf of 2 elderly gentlemen "going mad" trying to remember it !)
  9. Hi Cyclone .Thanks for this....Have now "deep scanned" the computer and found nothing at all to worry about, Hopefully! .but a little disappointed that the Avg failed to stop this happening in the first place. Thanks again Bob
  10. Hi...just been looking at a webpage (briskoda skoda owner advice blogs) when I followed a link to some info I wanted.... but it took me to a webpage (/dd2r90fatcfoi.cloudfront.net/index.html) which Locked me to the page it took me to ...telling me in aloud voice that the computer was infected with malware + that I had to "register" to remove it ...unable to close the page or navigate away …. I switched off at the mains (pulled plug out of socket straight away) I have AVG antivirus the paid for version, but it did nothing to intervene... I've now scanned the computer with this but it finds nothing.. anything to worry about do you think ? what I'm concerned about really is that It knew where I was (Sheffield) and also gave an I P address Thanks Bob
  11. Spotted a sign yesterday in the grass verge on Bochum parkway (mostly obscured by the long grass!) stating that the grass was being left uncut for "wildlife management" I think the term was.....So I take it that the open grass areas either side of Greenhill parkway which are now more than a foot high will be part of this scheme as well + not cut?...
  12. Is this the Ron Delta who also appeared in "The Price of Coal " an episode of BBC's Play for Today, back in the late 1970's?
  13. Hi .Thanks for the birthday wishes + poem I'm afraid I definitely can't afford to retire at 60... + 66 before I get the state pension I do have an Nhs pension ,one of the gold plated ones we keep hearing about which will pay £71 a MONTH ! Anyway I do have "Free" Prescriptions + Eye tests .. Although after paying national insurance contributions for 45 years they are not really free are they?... Though I've never begrudged paying these.. Looking forward to using my senior railcard I've had bought though... Any other discount suggestions welcome ! Do B&Q still do the over 60 discounts? apelike.....I think only 60 year olds in Wales + Scotland get Free bus travel nowadays..
  14. Hi know nothing of BSA's but an Mz 250 I had once had, had been used (Abused) with a sidecar attached and it had bent the Fork stanchions into a pronounced banana shape (only obvious when stripped down + rolled on a flat surface)...the the lower sliders were fine + when it was all assembled every "looked" Normal.....BUT NOT SAFE TO RIDE!.....
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