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  1. ahh that makes some sense, my neighbour walks his dog in the field opposite me where theres willow trees about. I bet the dog picked up a seed & planted it in my garden unknowingly??? Thanks!
  2. Hello Does anyone know what this tree is called that's started flowering (click link below) .... https://ibb.co/0B9Qsx4 It sprouted up on its own in my garden, I didn't want to kill it, so I put it in a pot & will plant it elsewhere some time. thanks
  3. I have about 5 baby plants sat in water ready to plan in to the soil, S5 8DL area. I don't get a notification on here whenever I am PM etc so be patient if I don't replay same day.
  4. Bottom line for this reason is cost, lawns are the cheaper than concrete, decking etc.
  5. Don't worry about it, we drive cars that can go over 100mph, but we don't stress about it if we don't use it. Anyhow, sounds like your machine would struggle to compute to 200mbs even if you did manage to upgrade the network card. Better still, go to Vodafone fibre, you will get your moneys worth and still fast.
  6. Does anyone know where the best place to buy fragrant roses from? They are around £20 - £30 each on the websites, think it's a bit much if you want 10 of them? cheers
  7. I'm surprised you don't see virgin on Rip of Brittan every time its broadcasting.
  8. I'm sure his back end is fine as many cats do the same as he does when enjoying being stroked, its just the hiss and attack that normal cats don't do afterwards. I don't pull away when he attacks, he will hiss, tap my hand and shoot off. He never hurts us or even scratch us, its like a warning like you guys have said. Come to think about it, he did start this behavior about 5 years ago when we introduced in a kitten, over the years became worse, but surely he would have gotten over this by now?
  9. Does anyone know why my gf cat likes to be stroked, but after the 2nd or 3rd stoke it growls & hiss then attacks you, he does this to anyone. He loves the first stroke, he will rub his head hard to your hand as you start to stroke him on his head & his tale goes up as you stroke down his back but then he gets angry, attacks you and then he runs off, why?
  10. I've just joined Vodafone because they have only just starting providing fibre in my area, and I'm on the same package as you, I live on S58DL. My broadband drops to roughly 20mbs between 5pm and 10pm. Its not as bad as yours and its not enough for me to complain. I've read somewhere Vodafone is struggling to keep up with its demand due to being the cheapest fibre provider going. Obviously they are struggling to keep up specially as more and more areas are being connected to fibre. A person like you with loads of connections may need a better provider such as BT???
  11. I've had this, I stopped it by turning the supply tap to restrict the flow of water. Try turning it till the sound stops, don't turn it too much or you won't have much pressure in the cold tap.
  12. That make sense, I remember them saying the line becomes theirs and no longer BT's as if to say its cheaper & better for customers - as if. thanks
  13. I too had this problem ages back. You can go into the router and sometimes change the transmit channel, you have about 10 channels to choses from, give it a shot & change the channels till the problems stop.
  14. I've just found out I could get fibre in my area on open reach's web site by using the link https://www.homeandbusiness.openreach.co.uk/fibre-broadband/when-can-i-get-fibre When I contacted my provider talktalk, they said no, they couldn't provide, but when going on sky, bt, plusnet site, they said yes they are able to provide. Talktalk are unable to give me a time when they could provide too - bobbar My broadband speed is 1.4mb at best because I'm so far from the exchange, so you can see why I'm not happy with talktalk anymore, joys of being stuck in a contract Does anyone work for a provider know why they can provide in fibre areas but talktalk cannot? Thank you
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