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  1. No proof? So your the guy that won't see the elephant.
  2. Some really good points in multicultural britan
  3. the tiger who came to tea. i loved that book.
  4. I like him and i think he is spot on in his opinions. http://www.youtube.com/user/patcondell whats your opinion?
  5. 1. national service for all unemployed 2. end all immigration 3. double the police force 4. double the prisions 5. take all but £20000 off the top 10000 rich to pay for it. (except the Queen) 6. end the union with scotland 7. end all aid (outside the uk) 8. wipe out the poppy fields in afganistan 9. provide smack free on the nhs 10. enforce the treason laws.
  6. It begins, good. about time. Long live zion.
  7. Why not give him 4 years clean up duty? Seems insane sending him to jail a how many thousands a week? Rather see him in an orange jump suite cleaning the vile stuff off Walls etc. Still at least he is being punished.
  8. take a kettle! also a keep the noise down sign in every language you can think of. oh if you have one your own expresser. and some disposable cameras with flash. hope all goes well.
  9. i want them to double the size of the police force that patrol sheffield. build a huge prison, and fill it with all sheffields scum
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