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  1. 60mph towards woodseats erm have you a radar gun can you prove this speed I drive for national express . The coaches are fitted with a electronic limiter . These restrict the vehicle to 56 mph . And if its possible which i know for a fact isn't due to fact that its congested daily your lucky to hit 10 mph so think you need to get a radar a speed camera
  2. It's 14 minutes tell you what ill arrange to come humberside to the heliport in jet ranger and show you . Air ambulance going too they do a proper job and rescue people and purely by donations weres support for them .
  3. Theirs no differance in flight times I fly helicopters from Doncaster humberside and Derbyshire . Flight time humberside to Sheffield is approx 14 mins Doncaster to Sheffield 8 mins Derbyshire to Sheffield 5 mins theirs not much differance also with this joint effort its also a good idea Sheffield has one noise pollution helicopter that has a very bad track record of service due to going tech for sometimes weeks on end their is no support also in heavy winds heavy rain heavy fog and severe cold weather thus branding it useless . So with a joint task force with no less than 3 in service at anytime its good also tax to Sheffield folk will lower as at £2000 an hour an cost of fuel rocketing well its time we joined the masses UK wide .
  4. Someone has way way way too much time on their hands .
  5. Must be only one was you speeding did you brake heavy after travelling at speed was any other vehicles involved no well your premiums going up and probably mine
  6. Just to help aha its actually my range rover I have a heavy recovery and service yard I deal with big wagons and busses . The range rover is for assistance on motorways and carriageways . The light board is clear but displays amber and red . It's clears as this is modern technology . The cones are their to put on carriageway as for yellow and blue chequers its a legal requirement for highway vehicles to display them and no law as to colours you can use .
  7. Hi I'm wanting to know if anyone knows of anyone that hires self drive vehicles for a wedding . Trying to do on a budget as not got huge amounts but wanting something nice . If anyone can help be much appreciated .
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