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  1. Hi Know both areas very well.The Library is still there at the end of South Rd but flats [what else !] have been built where the hoardings used to be. New housing has been built in place of the terraced housing that use to make up these old streets. Used to play on the "bomb buildings" i.e. botttom of Bloor St and used to make Winter Warmers from the clay on Daniel Hill
  2. Where's all the folk from the Walkley area that were rehoused in the 60's i.e. Elton St, Harworth St, Bloor St, Harold St, Hardy St, Otley St and parts of Burgoyne Rd.
  3. I was at King Ecgbert when it first opened.Remember most of the teachers.There was a huge mural in the foyer of the crowning of King Ecgbert.Was told it was painted by Mrs Carey's husband[she taught French].What happened to this as I believe the original building was demolished. The wallpaper around the Hall was black with huge gold lions printed on it reputedly £13 per roll a fortune in those days. And does anyone remember the crushes on the bottom corridor as the bell rang for change of lesson and the whole school moved,then someone came up with the bright idea that it might be safer if the teachers moved with the bell! And yes Mr Shaw was everyone's favourite.The only male teacher on the staff then but a good teacher and gentleman
  4. Hi Marylin I remember the name but can't put a face to you.Maybe we were in different years. The school closed at the end of my 3rd year.King Ecgberts just was'nt the same.I opted to join the Commercial class i.e.4c.I would have preferred Science but the form mistress for Science option was Miss Baxter and just as scarry as Miss Hopwood. Do you remember the Ranch House and all that marching we had to practice prior to Sports Day and the rehersals for Speech Day. I see you're new to this Forum so if you want to contact me you can click on my user name and choose PM option Regards Audrey[nee Radford]
  5. Went to Greystones 1954 to its closure as an Intermediate School in 1956. Mr Reeman was headmaster and Deputy Miss Hopwood who taught Music and Needlework,a fearsome teacher who terrified me.She only died a few years ago,well in her nineties.I still have copies of The Martlet school magazine with lots of signatures on the back.It was tradition at the end of the academic year to get the leavers to sign the magazine. In 2004 a book was launched about the school for its centenury.I went back for this ,first time since 1956 and it brought back many happy memories.I dont think it was promoted enough,there did'nt seem all that many there and certainly no one I recognised and I never saw the book on sale in the local bookshops.
  6. Hi Thanks for the contact names at the lane,will be in touch with them.I dont know whether they had a Hairdressing salon,the family lost touch and with a name like Smith its very difficult to know if you're on the right track.I know Johnson's wife Edith had 2 brothers Harold and George and I think they were related to F Singleton Pearl Cutters on Arundel Lane. Thanks to both of you for the interest Audrey
  7. Hi Does anyone know relatives of Johnson who played for Sheffield United.I think he died 2or 3 years ago.His wife was called Edith Singleton.I'm tracing the Maternal line of my family which brings me to SMITH!!!!.Edith's mother was my GT Aunt Laura Smith. Many Thanks Audrey
  8. Hi Went there when the school first opened 1957.the headmistress was Miss Coates known as Kitty Cotton.Coates was a well known firm selling cotton items and most weeks she asked everyone to bring in some money for the school kitty! There was an article about her last month when she celebrated her 100th Birthday In 1957 it was state of the art in schools,all girls and just one male teacher Mr Shaw who taught Commerce Shorthand and Typing.
  9. Hi Everyone So glad this is still creating such interest,Im convinced it will be solved eventually and sorry to Nigel.Thanks to incompetance with Tiscali I've been unable to connect to the internet for over 3 weeks.His emails to me will have been zapped along with the 68 spam emails when I was eventually connected. Thanks for all the input Audrey
  10. Hi It does say Hotel over the door.The word Tetley is on the lamp over the door.A kind person enhanced the picture to find this out although I know its not very clear by the naked eye. Audrey
  11. Hi Everyone I'm back at last and truly amazed at the interest and time everyone has put in trying to identify this Hotel.A big thank you to everyone but I'm also beginning to think the building is not in Sheffield. My connection to this photo is the Charles Buxton in the 1881 census that Hugh posted is my husband's Gt Grandfather.His son George was his Grandfather. George's youngest child Rose was a talented pianist although she could'nt read music,maybe a skill she learned from the lodgers. The photo was from her collection[sadly she died a few weeks ago] I urge everyone to date and identify their photo's for future generations.I have many old sepia photo's many from Victorian times but just dont know who they are other than they are family. audreyf
  12. Hi Mandem Dont worry as soon as I get any concrete information on this Hotel,i will post it on the site. I cant be absolutely positive its Sheffield,I'm only assuming as the family were Sheffielder's and living here in 1901.If they did move they certainly came back at some stage. So many people with an interest in Sheffield have been involved in this quest that if it turns out not to be in sheffield lots of us will be disappointed. At the moment I am waiting for a Forum member who is trying to enhance the Street name which should give us a clue.I cant make it out but there is apparently a Tetley sign on the lamp above the doorway. I will post as soon as I know something. Thanks to everyone for their input and interest Audrey
  13. Hi Falls Found a Elizabeth knutton on 1901 Census.She was widowed listed as a farmer living at Fox Hill Farm.Is this the family? Audrey
  14. Hi Fareast and pitsmoorlad Its definitely a hotel.Perhaps its not very clear but over the entrance where the group are standing the word Hotel is carved but just that nothing else! I've been to the Local Studies library and they have been involved in the search but to no avail.I just wish there was'nt a 100 year closure on census information because if it was decorated for George V Coronation,that was in June 1911 and the census was taken either March/April that year.I hope I dont have to wait 5 years! Audrey
  15. Hi Everyone I know I mentioned the Education offices before as a possibility but now I'm thinking the side part to these which were used as The City Grammar School.Its all covered in scaffolding and tarpaulin as this area undergoes redevelopment so I cant see it but what do you all think? If I dont find out soon I shall have a sore head with all this scratching!!
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