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  1. I went to School with Sheldon as well at Firth Park.. Always knew he would end up in Prison with the way he acted.
  2. Needed asap mine broke about 10mins ago. Anyone know where i can get 1 cheap dont want to be paying £25 to £30 for one from shop. Any ideas ??
  3. As I, Turn Up The Collar On My Favourite Winter Coat This Wind Is Blowin' My Mind I See The Kids In The Street, With Not Enough To Eat Who Am I, To Be Blind? Pretending Not To See Their Needs A Summer's Disregard, A Broken Bottle Top And A One Man's Soul They Follow Each Other On The Wind Ya' Know 'Cause They Got Nowhere To Go That's Why I Want You To Know :D
  4. @oddgitt no its takeing the <REMOVED> they said may 3rd then may 4th they shouldent make promises they cant keep
  5. well have fun this is a ps3 thread not xbox can u read???? and xbox live went down for 13days none of them are perfect but im going to laugh so hard when they hack microsoft AGAIN then we will be teaseing u and they will get microsoft again theres been reports that they are planning to take microsoft down so good luck with that im laughing now thinking about it
  6. Hi psn is back up in japan and it will be back up over here tomoz and evrey where else may 4th according to sony http://www.onlinesocialmedia.net/20110502/sony-psn-back-up-in-japan-everywhere-else-tomorrow/
  7. it is possible to contact spirits some people can actually do it how else do they find out stuff about u whats personall and what other people said what no one knows about. best place to find one of them is in the yellow pages ive had one before and they have told me everthing.
  8. unless i leave it till saturday and every thing will be bk to normal
  9. i thought it was closed because of the royal wedding
  10. lol i just wanted to make sure for tomoz i dont wanna be getting in town and them not being open
  11. yes but isint it bank holiday and what about busses are they normal running times
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