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  1. Property Offered Area: lower Shiregreen Ronksley Road. Type of Property: (House/Flat etc) House Number of Bedrooms: 2 Landlord: Stactory housing Any other information: Has a big garden, driveway, be all done out with new kitchen and bathroom.., good house for a family, living room is a sunshine one, central heating, combi boiler, pvc window and doors, the road name is ronksley road near beck road school, one good thing neighours are quiet, all neighours are friendly. Property Wanted Area: Lower Shiregreen Type of Property: (House/Flat etc) Flat (ground floor) Number of Bedrooms: 1 Landlord: coucil, stactory housing no privates thanks. Any other information: flat much be in shiregreen, ground floor, central heating, pvc doors and windows. dont take this the wrong way no tramps! sorry welcome to come and view the house anytime and any day... please pm me for any other information..
  2. bleached my hair with xxl live blonde used 4 boxs.. it gone blonde on the roots but where my black was it has gone ginger.. well orange can someone help me please thanks or text on 07707851810
  3. i need some advise with this part, i died my hair black i've had for a couple of months and getting bored i used to be blonde but died it black.. i tryed to go back blonde but it went ginger, so i died it bk black, but now my black is starting to grow out at the roots i just wonderd if i could go blonde but just need help on how to do it. please help!
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