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  1. Nothing... We have 6 of the best hospitals in the country I don't know many cities that have this. We are one of the top cities for health care. We have 2 football teams (this generates money to the city every Saturday) and at some point both teams have been very successful, we have a huge shopping centre we have crime rates yes but not as bad as some places, we are up north thats always a bonus lol. Sheffield is famed for many things like steel, the full monty, Jessica eniss, Michael Vaughan, sir Robert winston... So don't dwell on what u don't like but embrace what you do like! I just miss a good night club... Bring back republic lol!
  2. The Rotherham stroke unit would benefit from this or I know st Luke's hospice physio department would too x
  3. Thanks it's just a couple of alterations on 4 bridesmaid dresses x
  4. Hi has anyone out there used Iish for minor alterations to their dresses and how did u find the work? Price? thank you
  5. I can highly recommend meersbrook service station they are great with any car x
  6. A debt angency tried this with me once... However when I shoved the proof of payment for the debt they were trying to collect they soon left me alone. U need to find your proof of payment x
  7. Our house was part of the first plots to be developed so when we paid our deposit it hasn't been clarified which were to be for social. Most of the people who live in them are lovely and they work so i imagine they are part of the scheme u described (thanks for that too cus its nice to understand and no tar everyone with the same brush) except the 2 that are exactly opposite us they don't realise how lucky they are to be houses where they are they but I suppose you get that everywhere. Just frustrating at times. X
  8. I live on a brand new housing estate have paid alot of money for my house work full time as does my fiancé and the builders of our estate are ordered by the government as are all builders developing over a certain amount of properties in one area to sell a proportion of houses to the council to house people who don't work for a living but yet when my parents were made redundant they got no help despite paying tax since being 16. It frustrates me and if I had know the houses opposite me were going to be given to the people that have been Housed there I wouldn't have bought my house as they live off the £500 tax I pay every month.
  9. Drive around to the entranace opposed the gypsy queen pub. Where sainsburys is and the petrol station and they are in the corner of the car park on the rightside as you drive in
  10. Get yourself to crystal peaks this weekend £12 for inside and outside valet and they are really good. £5 if you just want outside doing
  11. You will need the access course and nvq 3 because as of either this september or January 2012 I can't remember the nursing course will be at degree level only. As for the midwifery course they have stopped that at Sheffield for the moment due to funding but i will tell you that you need to be dedicated to the course because it's hard and the amount of people that complain about child care when out on placement is amazing considering they knew they would have to work shifts when they started the course and the university are not sympathetic toward you having to travel to placement or childcare issues etc because in the very first week they warn you about all these issues. Good luck with it all though x
  12. For a normal taxi it's about £30 so a minibus for 16 at £200 is about right for there and back xx
  13. Yeah I think it is him... Can't believe this has happened this is my Xmas day drink pub with all the family! X
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