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  1. Well she would, wouldn't she? Anyway, last time I checked this was supposed to be a thread about the Conservative Party.
  2. Leftists in Russia?! Where have you been these last 25 years?
  3. In their most recent annual report, the McKesson Corporation (of America - owners of Lloyds) grumble repeatedly about "government reimbursement reductions in their retail business in the U.K.". Maybe that has something to do with it?
  4. Joe Biden is literally going to let all of the prisoners out of jail and give them the guns he's going to take off you. Then he's literally going to move a Mexican drugs cartel into the house next door to yours. I know this is true because <checks name> Kimberly Guilfoyle told me so. The trouble is that half the American people actually believe this garbage, and there's every chance that this carnival of grotesques will be in charge for another four years. Be afraid, folks, be very afraid.
  5. I think that paint comes under 'household chemicals', and can be disposed of at the Blackstock Road recycling centre.
  6. "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
  7. But still has the biggest cumulative excess mortality in Europe: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/articles/comparisonsofallcausemortalitybetweeneuropeancountriesandregions/januarytojune2020
  8. Brazil too, and the Trump/Bolsonaro fanbase won't care. Quite the opposite, if their economies are up and running they'll (have been told to) think that a few hundred thousand deaths were a price well worth paying.
  9. It's a long time since I had my finger on the pulse, but I just stumbled across the latest Wire album Mind Hive, which is really very good.
  10. Maybe, but do they really need the incentive of potentially amassing a $178,000,000,000 fortune in order to do that? As Keynes wrote back in 1936, "There are valuable human activities which require the motive of money-making and the environment of private wealth-ownership for their full fruition … But it is not necessary for the stimulation of these activities ... that the game should be played for such high stakes as at present. Much lower stakes will serve the purpose equally well, as soon as the players are accustomed to them." In which case we're at least entitled to ask the question: What good, or harm, might come from a single person commanding a fortune of $178bn? For billionaires, money might be just the way of keeping score in their 'game', but for the rest of us it represents access to real resources. [$178bn being Bezos's wealth at time of writing, according to Google.]
  11. Criticism of the Party cannot and will not be tolerated, least of all from within.
  12. Not to mention that those thresholds are only relevant if you've got children living in NZ. Otherwise (your link seems to imply) you can't get in as a retiree no matter how rich you are. By human capital I mean earnings potential, not spending or investment potential. Financial capital already has complete freedom of movement! (And, yes, sometimes its owners are allowed to move with it.) I don't know about the EU, but in many other countries there seems to be a presumption that retirees will be a burden on the country, because they'll probably be needing expensive health care sooner rather than later. Yes, freedom of movement vs. freedom of establishment is an important distinction.
  13. I'll be amazed if that happens, and even more amazed if it includes pensioners.
  14. The pertinent quote in that article is "in the broader scenario over the longer term, I think we will see some benefits out of this free trade agreement. I know there is a lot of talk about how we open up our borders", from "Chief Executive of the Australian British Chamber of Commerce, David McCredie" (not the Australian PM or anybody). Which I think is a polite way of saying "Ha ha. No chance". With the levels of unemployment we're going to be seeing soon, there isn't a country in the world that will want to be encouraging immigration, skilled or unskilled (but especially unskilled). Unlikely given that the UK is looking to reduce spending on pensions (by removing the triple lock). Also, before that you'd need some mechanism for British citizens to be able to retire to New Zealand. Under neoliberal globalisation, "freedom of movement" doesn't mean free movement of people. It means free movement of human capital, and unfortunately pensioners are (in that ideology) not seen as having any human capital.
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