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  1. My Nan and Step-Grandad used to live on bassledene road (Ratcliffes/Boldocks) cant remember much about the estate as I was only young and moved away but recently saw all the new houses.
  2. Hi does anyone know of attercliffe cum darnall, I was recently looking up a family member and it said civil parish Attercliffe Cum Darnall. I've asked family members and they've never heard of this.
  3. KateRatcliff

    Number for West Ways, West Street

    Hi thanks for that, my mate just found it as i got the email
  4. Hi does anyone know the telephone number of West Ways in West Street? I've looked in phone book but cant seem to find it
  5. KateRatcliff

    Please help with my family tree

    Thanks Tuppie I'm going into town on Friday so I'll pop into the libary also got to look for a job so I'll pop in. Thanks for all your help everyone!
  6. KateRatcliff

    Please help with my family tree

    Hi all I know is that my Grandmother was called Emma and she had 2 sisters called Mabel and Betty (maybe Elizabeth never liked the woman), and that my Great grandmother was called Kate but could have been christened Catherine.
  7. KateRatcliff

    Please help with my family tree

    I phoned my dad's sister up with this information and she recalls my Nannan having two sisters called Betty and Mabel, I dont know how true this is because my family sounds so secretive, as she also told me my Nannan had a baby and which it had died. I dont know how true this! I also phoned my dad up and he thinks he recalls my nannnan saying that Catherine had a daughter which also died, I will try and ask the others about this. Sorry to sound but where would I look for this information, my dad says library and my aunt says town hall, which is right? They both insist they both right
  8. KateRatcliff

    Please help with my family tree

    I think that was the address, I cant really remember as I was so young and innocent back then.....
  9. KateRatcliff

    Please help with my family tree

    Thank you ever so much, I will pass this on to my dad when I see him tomorrow as he's getting into this family tree business. I will look more into this as soon as possible
  10. KateRatcliff

    Please help with my family tree

    Hi everyone, I asked my dad again about the road my Great Grandma Kate lived on and he says it was definitely John Street, my dad's mum was called Emma Whittingham before she married Walter Ratcliffe (my fathers dad) then my nannan married Clifford Boldock. As for my Great Grandma Kate everyone called her Kate but yet she could have been christened Catherine, I'm not really sure as the Ratcliffe's and Boldock's dont seem to get so I cant really ask anyone but my father and his sister.
  11. KateRatcliff

    Please help with my family tree

    I found out today that they lived on John street in the wicker.My Nan moved up to Baseldean Road (Sorry if I spelt this wrong) up on the manor but my aunts and uncles cannot remember they grandfather just they grandmother Kate Whittingham. My dad knows her name was Kate because I'm actually named after her something I never knew until today . Never knew that doing a family tree would be this hard lol
  12. KateRatcliff

    Please help with my family tree

    Me 2 cos this is her account I dont really know how to use it, I'm doing this for her but I'll pass everything on to her from you all
  13. KateRatcliff

    Please help with my family tree

    Yeah she's joined to that but nothing on Kate Whittingham comes up and she doesnt know her maiden name and sadly her nannan passed away in 1995 so she is at a dead end, she's asked family about the Whittinghams but they only remember kate whittingham and nothing more
  14. KateRatcliff

    Please help with my family tree

    People Called her grandmother Kate Whittingham me and her boyfriend believe Kate Whittingham must have been born around 1900 as her Nannan was born 1922. Whittingham is believed to be her married name!
  15. Hi I'm posting this for a friend of my mine who is doing her family tree, the thing she is having problems with is that she has got her great grandmother but has no idea who her great grandfather, a friend of her's has told her to go to the local libery in town to look at marriages and death or something or something long these lines but she wants to know if it will cos her to look. I thought if she wanted to have the certificate then it would cost her but surely not to have a look. Can anyone help her? :)

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