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  1. Well I went to the GP and after examination there is no re-infection and it's still healing normally, although I have been ask to cut back on the walking as it is quite red and inflamed. He has prescribed Flucloxacillin and I have to go back if there is still discharge in a couple of weeks. My blood pressure was on the high side, so he gave me a leaflet on hypertension, but as this isn't usual I think I was just worried about the outcome of the examination, which was done after the BP test. He also said sitz baths twice a day would help, but I have been doing this anyway, although just once a day. Quite relieved, but I need to take the advice
  2. Wow, very interesting and thanks for posting. I am so sorry for you that it flared up again after seemingly healing. Thinking maybe the same has happened to me. I was worried sick when my problem started in Feb. My father was diagnosed with bowel cancer aged 41 and operated on, with the result being a colostomy. Poor diet being the main contributor. He was given 2 years to live when the cancer spread but lasted to age 61 before dying. So anything bowel/anal related scares me. I asked for a colonoscopy to be done while i was 'under' for the abcess drain op. This was thankfully all clear. Thanks so much for posting the links and i will buy some honey tomorrow. I have been taking chewable Vit. C tablets at twice the dose to help speed healing. I will update on Monday
  3. Got an appointment to see my GP this coming Monday, so will update you then. The pain has eased a little today and I did walk too. Was offered a job today at last, so maybe my stress will ease!
  4. Thank you all for your replies. I will visit the GP to get an opinion. It is clearly going to take time. Worst medical condition I have been unfortunate enough to suffer.
  5. 43 yr old fairly healthy male. Never smoked, hardly drink. BP in the good range. Well i was operated on 6 weeks ago now for 1 perianal and 1 anal fistula and both were drained and thought to have healed well. Nurses only had half a cm wound to pack in the end, so stopped coming to me. Now i notice some increased discharge compared to 2 weeks ago and back to some pain (nothing compared to the agony i was in before the op.). I have been walking a bit and the discharge tends to start after this. There is also soreness from friction caused by this I think. I am worried that the situation has flared up again although i am eating and drinking properly now compared to before. I have had a lot of family stress and am jobless (have been for 3 months) so this might not be helping. I was on amoxycilin for just 2 weeks post-op and only paracetomol after this. Should i go back to get checked? Thanks for any advice in advance.
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